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Bibliographic Services > New Subjects June 23-29, 2003

New Subjects June 23-29, 2003

New Subject Heading List

For records catalogued from June 23, 2003 to June 29, 2003

Record Key    Heading
a1527225      650  0|aAborigines, Australian
                   150  0|aAustralian aborigines
a1640502      650  0|aAccident victims
a1640497      650  0|aAfrican American college graduates
a1640621      650  0|aAfrican American families.
a1640622      650  0|aAfrican American football players
a1640619      650  0|aAfrican American men in literature.
a1640661      650  0|aAfrican Americans in literature.
a1579042      650  0|aAggressiveness in adolescence.
a1640652      650  0|aAIDS activists.
a1640294      650  0|aAlkali metal halides.
a1640488      650  0|aArab cooperation.
a1640653      650  0|aArt, Sogdian
a1640638      650  0|aBeat generation in literature.
a1636923      650  0|aBig game animals
a1635536      650  0|aBioinformatics.
a1640631      650  0|aBody, Human, in motion pictures.
a1640491      650  0|aBody image disturbance
a1537740      650  0|aBooch method.
a1640276      650  0|aCentrex telephone service.
a1640655      650  0|aChildren of agricultural laborers
a1640656      650  0|aCistercians
a1596878      650  0|aClay figurines.
a1495996      650  0|aComic, The, in literature.
a1640525      650  0|aCommercialism in schools
a1640280      650  0|aCommunication in diet therapy.
a1495798      650  0|aComparative Literature
                   150  0|aLiterature, Comparative
a1640548      650  0|aConduct of life in literature.
a1597103      651  0|aCongo Free State.
a1617904      650  0|aConstipation in old age
a1640648      650  0|aCore competencies.
a1640310      650  0|aCrassulaceae
a1597099      650  0|aDiscrimination against people with disabilities
a1640573      650  0|aDissenters, Religious, in literature.
a1640318      650  0|aDNA microarrays.
a1601676      650  0|aElectric power plants
a1640532      650  0|aFeng shui
a1640289      650  0|aFibre Channel (Standard)
a1597219      651  0|aFlorida Keys (Fla.)
a1588705      650  0|aFrench franc area.
a1583240      650  0|aGeography in literature.
a1640332      650  0|aGums and resins.
a1640288      650  0|aHalophilic microorganisms.
a1607833      651  0|aHamilton Harbour (Ont.)
a1447640      651  0|aHamilton Region (Ont.)
a1640321      650  0|aHomogenization (Differential equations)
a1599720      650  0|aHuman genome project
a1636923      650  0|aHunting trophies
a1640352      650  0|aIEEE 802.11 (Standard)
a1640554      650  0|aInclusive education.
a1489818      650  0|aIndigo industry
a1597093      650  0|aInscriptions, Indic
a1640606      650  0|aInterpersonal psychotherapy.
a1522958      651  0|aKitui (Kenya : District)
a1640521      650  0|aKnowledge, Theory of, in literature.
a1610216      650  0|aLabor unions and education.
a1474847      650  0|aLabor-Progressive Party.
a1536633      650  0|aLiberty of the press. 
                   150  0|aFreedom of the press
a1640307      650  0|aLuteinizing hormone releasing hormone.
a1519801      651  0|aL§viv (Ukraine)
                   151  0|aL§vov (Ukraine)
a1633267      650  0|aMarketing audits.
a1614052      651  0|aMasai Mara National Reserve (Kenya)
a1640333      650  0|aMicrobial peptides.
a1640558      650  0|aMontagnards.
a1640598      650  0|aMorphine habit
a1640653      650  0|aMural painting and decoration, Sogdian
a1640653      650  0|aNarrative art, Sogdian
a1640622      650  0|aNational Football League
a1395900      650  0|aNatrual gas pipelines
a1640641      650  0|aNeedlework in literature.
a1640641      650  0|aNeedleworkers in literature.
a1588693      650  0|aNerves, Cranial.
a1640292      650  0|aNiche (Ecology)
a1640348      650  0|aNoncommutative differential geometry
a1596990      650  0|aOpen source software.
a1640266      650  0|aOperating room nursing.
a1595313      650  0|aOpioid peptides. 
                   150  0|aEndorphins
a1640609      650  0|aOutlaws in motion pictures.
a1596901      650  0|aPants
a1640330      650  0|aParadigm (Theory of knowledge)
a1640661      650  0|aPassing (Identity) in literature.
a1392796      650  0|aPathos in literature.
a1640681      650  0|aPattern formation (Physical sciences)
a1640629      650  0|aPeople with social disabilities
a1640350      650  0|aPerl/Tk (Computer program language)
a1640589      650  0|aPerun (Slavic deity)
a1640641      650  0|aPoor in art.
a1640588      650  0|aPost anesthesia nursing.
a1640327      650  0|aPrecipitation variability
a1640319      650  0|aQSAR (Biochemistry)
a1640661      650  0|aRace in literature.
a1640661      650  0|aRacially mixed people in literature.
a1640337      650  0|aRays (Fishes)
a1640588      650  0|aRecovery rooms.
a1447640      651  0|aRed Hill Creek Valley (Ont.)
a1640510      650  0|aRelationship marketing
a1556061      650  0|aRural conditions in literature.
a1640641      650  0|aSewing in art.
a1640641      650  0|aSewing in literature.
a1640521      650  0|aSkepticism in literature.
a1640338      650  0|aSoftware measurement.
a1607659      650  0|aSports and tourism
a1601678      651  0|aSpring Valley (Washington, D.C.)
a1640619      650  0|aStagolee (Legendary character)
a1640344      650  0|aStreaming technology (Telecommunications)
a1592334      650  0|aSuburban life in art
a1640324      650  0|aSystems on a chip
a1495718      650  0|aTears in literature.
a1640315      650  0|aTransmission electron microscopy.
a1523682      650  0|aTristan (Legendary character) in literature.
a1640668      650  0|aUkrainian American women
a1640603      650  0|aUltra-Orthodox Jews
a1617908      650  0|aUrinary incontinence in old age
a1597093      651  0|aVijayanagar (Empire)
a1640274      650  0|aVoltammetry.
a1640316      650  0|aWavelength division multiplexing.
a1640577      651  0|aWest (U.S.)
a1640353      650  0|aWireless Internet
a1640555      650  0|aWomen authors, Irish
a1596929      650  0|aWomen's rights in literature.
a1640641      650  0|aWorking poor
a1640559      650  0|aYoung men in literature.