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Bibliographic Services > New Subjects March 11-17, 2002

New Subjects March 11-17, 2002

New Subject Heading List

For records catalogued from March 11, 2002 to March 17, 2002

Record Key    Heading
a1546912      650  0|aAfrican American women.
a1560452      650  0|aAfrican American women in literature.
a1560452      650  0|aAfrican Americans in literature.
a1567888      650  0|aAl-Aqsa Intifada, 2000-
a1546852      650  0|aAlternative rock musicians
a1556146      650  0|aAnarchy. 
                   150  0|aAnarchism
a1522062      650  0|aAnimal rights x Moral and ethical aspects.
a1522062      650  0|aAnimals x Moral and ethical aspects.
a1564278      650  0|aBiographical fiction, English
a1544786      650  0|aBuddhist poetry.
a1556527      650  0|aCapital markets
                   150  0|aCapital market
a1534080      650  0|aChimpanzees as laboratory animals.
a1560088      650  0|aChoruses, Sacred (Mixed voices) with violoncello.
a1576544      650  0|aCollembola
a1550477      650  0|aComfort women
a1550406      650  0|aConcertos (Keyboard instrument)
a1576537      650  0|aCuban treefrog
a1552989      650  0|aDow Jones industrial average.
a1576542      650  0|aElectronic drafting.
a1577223      650  0|aEmployment re-entry
a1563959      650  0|aEntertainment events
a1576537      650  0|aExotic animals
a1551477      650  0|aGay consumers
a1528506      650  0|aGays in literature.
a1576862      650  0|aImperialism in literature
a1559490      650  2|aInformation Systems.
a1501202      650  0|aItalian letters
a1550479      650  0|aLesbians' writings, New Zealand
a1576759      650  0|aMan-woman relationships in literature.
a1576561      650  0|aMantle plumes.
a1511492      650  0|aMetal carbonyls
a1576574      650  0|aMoirĂ¢e method.
a1567869      650  0|aMonodrama
a1500934      650  0|aMusical rides (Horsemanship).
a1535461      650  0|aNational characteristics, Canadian, in literature
a1533741      650  0|aNationalism in motion pictures.
a1577239      650  0|aNonmetallic minerals
a1535461      650  0|aPluralism (Social sciences) in literature
a1576573      650  0|aProteoglycans
a1567868      650  0|aSerialism (Music)
                   150  0|aTwelve-tone system
a1550678      650  0|aSertraline
a1576773      650  0|aSocial capital (Sociology)
a1577421      650  0|aSpanish literatue
a1563843      650  0|aSpeciesism.
a1522846      650  0|aSpinoza, Benedictus de,
a1511767      650  0|aThermophilic microorganisms
a1577369      650  0|aUrban pollution
a1521383      650  0|aVisual literature
a1550424      650  0|aVolleyball for children
a1559872      650  0|aWearable computers.
a1541161      650  0|aWood-engraving, Italian