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Bibliographic Services > New Subjects March 14-20, 2005

New Subjects March 14-20, 2005

New Subject Heading List

For records catalogued from March 14, 2005 to March 20, 2005

Record Key    Heading
a1742249 650 0|aAcrylic painting
150 0|aPolymer painting
a1690716 650 0|aAfrican American gays
a1690802 650 0|aAfrican American iron and steel workers.
a1690788 650 0|aAfrican American parents.
a1742303 650 0|aAfrican Americans in mass media.
a1742271 650 0|aAfrican-Americans in art.
a1742192 650 0|aAlien abduction in literature.
a1690354 651 0|aAnhui Sheng (China)
151 0|aAnhwei Province (China)
a1742378 650 0|aArt and popular culture
a1742344 650 0|aArt portfolios
a1742272 650 0|aAsian Americans in literature.
a1742272 650 0|aAsians in literature.
a1742298 651 0|aAtlantic Ocean Region
a1691320 650 5|aAuthors, Canadian (English)
a1676952 650 0|aAuthorship in literature.
a1731718 651 0|aBabylon (N.Y.)
a1742402 650 0|aBachelors in literature.
a1741816 650 0|aBiometric identification.
a1717934 650 0|aBody language in children.
a1742192 650 0|aBrainwashing in literature.
a1742192 650 0|aBrainwashing in motion pictures.
a1742333 651 0|aBrooklyn (New York, N.Y.)
a1689917 650 0|aBrowsers (Computer programs)
a1680583 650 5|aCanadian literature (English)
a1742254 650 0|aCaviar
a1742392 650 0|aChristian sociology
150 0|aSociology, Christian
a1742203 650 0|aCold War in literature.
a1728301 650 0|aCommunity development projects
a1703959 650 0|aCommunity information services.
a1681387 650 0|aCongregate housing
a1742192 650 0|aConspiracies in literature.
a1742237 650 0|aCoproduction (Motion pictures, television, etc.)
a1689988 650 0|aCultural animators
a1742263 651 0|aDead Sea Region (Israel and Jordan)
a1742315 650 0|aDecolonization in literature.
a1742336 650 0|aDisabilities
a1691249 650 0|aDramatists, Scottish
a1685634 650 0|aDutch wit and humor, Pictorial.
a1679456 650 0|aEnglish
150 0|aBritish
a1679547 650 0|aEnteral feeding.
a1742203 650 0|aEspionage in literature.
a1689975 650 0|aEthnicity in literature.
a1742224 650 0|aEvolution (Biology) in literature.
a1742290 650 0|aExpatriation in literature.
a1726573 650 0|aFlow visualization.
a1722149 650 0|aFolk dancing, Cuban.
a1685634 650 0|aFolly in art.
a1742207 650 0|aGambling in literature.
a1742404 650 0|aGay men in literature.
a1742368 650 0|aGods, Greek, in art.
a1727469 650 0|aGraphemics.
a1729850 650 0|aHastings, Battle of, England, 1066.
a1690355 651 0|aHebei Sheng (China)
151 0|aHopeh Province (China)
a1742265 650 0|aHispanic Americans in literature.
a1681364 650 0|aHomosexuality in the workplace.
a1689975 650 0|aHybridity (Social sciences) and the arts.
a1690712 650 0|aIndians as mascots
a1690712 650 0|aIndians in popular culture
a1690357 651 0|aInner Mongolia (China)
a1726778 650 0|aIrrigation projects
a1724359 650 0|aJews, Canadian
a1742330 650 0|aJudaism and literature
a1692946 650 0|aLamas
a1742182 650 0|aLanguage revival.
a1691242 650 0|aLearning curve (Industrial engineering)
a1689974 651 0|aLouth (Ireland : County)
a1678196 650 0|aMagnetostatics.
a1730471 650 0|aMass media and education.
a1742224 650 0|aMate selection in literature.
a1742258 650 0|aMedicare (Australia)
a1679561 650 0|aMedicine, Physical.
a1742302 650 0|aMen, White, in literature.
a1742267 651 0|aMerri River Region (Vic.)
a1742302 650 0|aMiddle class men in literature.
a1705474 650 10|aMilton, Robert,
a1742272 650 0|aMiscegenation in literature.
a1689975 650 0|aMulticulturalism in literature.
a1742354 650 0|aMusic in literature.
a1742372 650 0|aNational characteristics, American, in literature.
a1742372 650 0|aNational characteristics, Canadian, in literature.
a1676299 650 0|aNatural sweeteners.
a1742404 651 0|aNew York (N.Y.)
a1690702 651 0|aNorth Buxton (Ont.)
a1679427 650 0|aObstetrical nursing.
150 0|aMaternity nursing
a1734688 651 0|aOntario, Eastern
a1734688 651 0|aOntario, Northern
a1742379 650 0|aPacific Island literature (English)
a1742402 650 0|aPatriarchy in literature.
a1729533 650 0|aPhysician practice patterns
a1689923 650 0|aPhytochemicals.
a1679456 650 0|aPlanters
a1689917 650 0|aPlug-ins (Computer programs)
a1725818 651 0|aPorto Alegre (Brazil)
a1689662 650 0|aPortrait painting, Italian
a1742315 650 0|aPostcolonialism in literature.
a1677750 650 0|aPsychedelic art.
a1742203 650 0|aPsychological fiction, English
a1731811 651 0|aPunjab (Pakistan)
a1742263 651 0|aQumran Site (West Bank)
a1681075 650 0|aRacism in sports.
a1742226 650 0|aRefuse and refuse disposal in literature.
a1742384 650 0|aReligious leaders
a1742270 651 0|aSangalan (Guinea : Region)
a1742205 651 0|aSierra Nevada Region (Calif. and Nev.)
a1676892 650 0|aSigns and symbols in art.
a1742271 650 0|aSlavery in art.
a1742203 650 0|aSmiley, George (Fictitious character)
a1689987 650 0|aSociology teachers
a1678899 650 0|aSoria (Spain)
a1742203 650 0|aSpies in literature.
a1742306 650 0|aStables
a1689923 650 0|aSterols.
a1742347 650 0|aStress management for women
a1742238 650 0|aStudiolos
a1679547 650 0|aTube feeding.
a1734672 650 0|aUML (Computer science)
a1639578 650 0|aVaishnava poetry, Sanskrit.
a1742218 650 0|aViolence in art.
a1742404 650 0|aViolet Quill (Group of writers)
a1690338 650 0|aVirtual corporations
a1742294 651 0|aWest (U.S.)
a1742299 650 0|aWomen blues musicians
a1742270 650 0|aYalunka (African people)
a1689981 650 0|aYouth, Aboriginal Australian
a1690352 651 0|aYunnan Sheng (China)
151 0|aYunnan Province (China)