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Bibliographic Services > New Subjects March 18-24, 2002

New Subjects March 18-24, 2002

New Subject Heading List

For records catalogued from March 18, 2002 to March 24, 2002

Record Key    Heading
a1551438      650  0|aAcrylic painting
                   150  0|aPolymer painting
a1467176      650  0|aAeronautics in earth sciences
a1497145      650  0|aAfrican American musicians
a1550497      650  0|aAfrican Americans in motion pictures
a1495642      650  0|aAfrican literature (Portuguese)
a1503282      650  0|aAntisemitism in literature.
a1577193      650  0|aArt, South Asian
a1560873      650  0|aArts facilities.
a1551459      650  0|aAutobiographical fiction, American
a1481355      650  0|aAutomatic weather stations. 
                   150  0|aAutomatic meteorological stations
a1522079      650  0|aBoundaries in literature.
a1563645      650  0|aBrassieres
a1577525      650  0|aBrown dwarfs.
a1549278      650  0|aBusiness cards
                   150  0|aAdvertising cards
a1490765      650  0|aCardiovascular diseases
a1550398      650  0|aCarnivals in literature.
a1549558      650  0|aCatholic Church
a1566079      651  0|aChatham (Ont.)
a1531760      650  0|aChurch group work with youth
a1577513      650  0|aCyperaceae
a1577457      650  0|aDendrimers.
a1577458      650  0|aDendritic cells.
a1565500      650  0|aDesire in literature.
a1550544      650  0|aDictators in literature.
a1549379      650  0|aDigital video tape recorders.
a1549357      650  0|aDirect costing.
a1566079      651  0|aDjougou (Benin)
a1551402      650  0|aEcolinguistics.
a1567702      650  0|aEconomic anthropolgy.
a1497147      650  0|aElectric guitar music.
a1550383      650  0|aEmblems in literature.
a1550544      650  0|aFascism in literature.
a1551406      650  0|aFathers and daughters in literature.
a1577469      650  0|aFeminism and science.
a1541340      650  0|aFeminist spirituality.
a1531831      650  0|aFeverfew
a1546890      651  0|aFloyd County (Ind.)
a1549351      650  0|aFoot in art.
a1550398      650  0|aFreak shows
a1566079      650  0|aFree African Americans
a1542569      650  0|aGays in literature.
a1531760      650  0|aHigh school students, Black
a1540030      650  0|aIntegrated delivery of health care.
a1557857      650  0|aIntegrated delivery of health care
a1562540      650  0|aInternet programming
a1577484      650  0|aJPEG (Image coding standard)
a1559655      650  0|aLaw and development
                   150  0|aLaw and economic development
a1551409      650  0|aLexical-functional grammar.
a1565735      650  0|aLife in literature.
a1577488      650  0|aLimulus polyphemus.
a1546835      650  0|aMagic, Roman.
a1559358      650  0|aMan-woman relationships in literature.
a1576673      650  0|aMasculinity in popular culture.
a1577504      650  0|aMobile computing.
a1501114      650  0|aMotion pictures and language.
a1551555      650  0|aNational characteristics, American, in literature.
a1533644      650  0|aNeuromuscular spindles
a1566079      651  0|aNew York (N.Y.)
a1557749      650  0|aOld-time music.
a1551409      650  0|aOptimality theory (Linguistics)
a1558154      650  0|aOutsiders in motion pictures.
a1549318      651  0|aPajarito Plateau (N.M.)
a1541160      651  0|aPalma di Montechiaro (Italy)
a1550465      650  0|aParadox in literature.
a1577515      650  0|aPattern formation (Physical science)
a1550210      650  0|aPattern formation (Physical sciences)
a1566079      651  0|aPernambuco (Brazil)
a1503282      650  0|aPersecution in literature.
a1577476      650  0|aPharmacokinetics
a1540531      650  0|aPharmacy colleges
a1551420      650  0|aPhenomenology in literature.
a1501114      650  0|aPhilosophy in motion pictures.
a1562104      650  0|aPhotography, Handworked.
a1540536      650  0|aPHP (Computer program language)
a1531831      650  0|aPlant genome mapping
a1490765      650  0|aPostmenopause
a1551399      650  0|aPostmodernism and education.
a1522145      650  0|aPregnancy in middle age.
a1541661      650  0|aPsychiatric errors.
a1550456      650  0|aPsychological fiction, English
a1560056      650  0|aPublic-private sector cooperation.
a1566084      650  0|aRave culture.
a1512478      650  0|aReflexology (Therapy)
a1550397      650  0|aRepresentative government and representation in
a1490765      650  0|aRisk factors
a1577480      650  0|aRouters (Computer networks)
a1549427      651  0|aSaltillo (Coahuila, Mexico)
a1512484      650  0|aScience fiction, Amrican
a1550456      650  0|aSelf in literature.
a1490765      650  0|aSex factors
a1551506      650  0|aSpeeches, addresses, etc., Greek
a1535013      651  0|aSt. Peter's Anglican Church (Erindale, Ont.)
a1512484      650  0|aSubjectivity in literature.
a1577169      650  0|aUnderground dance music
a1577531      650  0|aWater of hydration.
a1551439      650  0|aWater-soluble oil paint.
a1550243      650  0|aWedding photography.
a1578134      650  0|aWomen dramatists
a1577529      650  0|aWomen in computer science.