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Bibliographic Services > New Subjects May 20-26, 2002

New Subjects May 20-26, 2002

New Subject Heading List

For records catalogued from May 20, 2002 to May 26, 2002

Record Key    Heading
a1522324      650  0|aAbenaki women
a1521619      650  0|aAbused teenagers.
a1563726      650  0|aAfrican American capitalists and financiers
a1563523      650  0|aAfrican American women
a1558882      650  0|aAlternative rock musicians.
a1563725      650  0|aArabs in motion pictures.
a1563518      650  0|aArtists' models in literature.
a1518242      651  0|aCalvello (Italy)
a1563803      650  0|aCity and town life in art.
a1559676      650  0|aCofinancing
a1563748      650  0|aCold War in literature.
a1583654      650  0|aComputers and women.
a1563533      650  0|aConstraints (Linguistics)
a1539998      650  0|aDance parties.
a1508328      650  0|aDancing
                   150  0|aDance
a1565034      650  0|aDefense spending
a1563662      650  0|aDinners and dining in literature.
a1546555      650  0|aDNA-ligand interactions.
a1559593      650  0|aEducational responsibility.
a1562262      650  0|aEthnic conflict
                   150  0|aEthnic relations
a1563626      650  0|aFascism in literature.
a1563736      650  0|aFathers and daughters in literature.
a1563636      650  0|aFeminist fiction, American
a1563636      650  0|aFeminist fiction, English
a1564105      651  0|aFlin Flon (Man.)
a1562306      650  0|aFolk dancing, Korean.
a1520246      650  0|aFolk-songs, English
a1561679      650  0|aFolkwang Hochschule fèur Musik, Tanz, Theater.
a1563662      650  0|aFood habits in literature.
a1563641      650  0|aFoster mothers
a1563651      650  0|aGay men in literature.
a1583027      650  0|aGender identity in literature.
a1563651      650  0|aHomosexuality, Male, in literature.
a1519810      650  0|aImage analysis
a1583654      650  0|aInternet and women.
a1520098      650  0|aIsraeli drama
a1563592      650  0|aIsraeli fiction
a1560960      651  0|aJawa Barat (Indonesia)
a1561460      650  0|aJewish learning and scholarship in literature.
a1563725      650  0|aJewish-Arab relations in motion pictures.
a1561659      650  0|aJugend musiziert (Competition).
a1563577      650  0|aKnowledge, Theory of, in literature.
a1562173      650  0|aLead poisoning in children
a1562270      650  0|aLesbian actresses
a1563651      650  0|aMasculinity in literature.
a1563706      650  0|aMathematics in art.
a1563762      650  0|aMeaning (Philosophy) in literature.
a1562291      650  0|aMedia literacy.
a1563555      650  0|aMedicine in art
                   150  0|aMedicine and art
a1521958      650  0|aMotion pictures and teenagers.
a1563806      650  0|aMountaineering expeditions
a1563806      650  0|aMountaineering in literature.
a1563719      650  0|aNational characteristics, English, in literature.
a1563803      651  0|aNew York (N.Y.)
a1520106      651  0|aNew York (N.Y.)
a1500218      650  0|aNotting Hill Riots, London, England, 1958.
a1562189      651  0|aPelocok (Indonesia)
a1563755      650  0|aPhilosophical recreations
a1562358      651  0|aPohnpei (Micronesia)
a1562173      650  0|aPoisoning, Accidents, in children
a1520146      651  0|aPortgual
a1563651      650  0|aPossessiveness in literature.
a1563651      650  0|aPower (Social sciences) in literature.
a1509828      650  0|aProposal writing in human services.
a1584064      650  0|aPython (Computer program language).
a1509840      651  0|aRed River Settlement
a1562181      650  0|aRules (Philosophy)
a1562189      650  0|aSasak (Indonesian people)
a1562329      650  0|aScience in motion pictures.
a1563726      650  0|aSecurity industry
a1508509      650  0|aSelf in literature.
a1563719      650  0|aSouth Asians in literature.
a1509840      651  0|aSt. Andrew's (Man. : Rural municipality)
a1558294      650  0|aStage fighting.
a1508511      650  0|aSubjectivity in literature.
a1584072      650  0|aSuperoxide dismutase.
a1561671      650  0|aTanztheater.
a1562186      650  0|aTravelers' writings, English
a1560397      650  0|aTrichomes.
a1578927      650  0|aTryptophan.
a1562095      650  0|aUrban warfare.
a1582341      650  0|aWatershed restoration
a1563654      650  0|aWomen publishers.
a1584064      650  0|aXML (Document markup language)
a1519168      650  0|aZebra danio
a1519168      650  0|aZebra danios as laboratory animals.