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Bibliographic Services > New Subjects November 17-23, 2003

New Subjects November 17-23, 2003

New Subject Heading List

For records catalogued from November 17, 2003 to November 23, 2003

Record Key    Heading
a1602748 651 0|aActon (Ont.)
a1629437 650 0|aAfrican American motion picture actors and actresses.
a1629437 650 0|aAfrican American motion picture producers and directors
a1629437 650 0|aAfrican American women motion picture producers and
a1668347 650 0|aAfrican Americans in literature
a1629437 650 0|aAfrican Americans in the motion picture industry
a1672418 650 0|aAfrican-Americans
a1603183 650 0|aAntiquities, Prehistoric
150 0|aArchaeology
a1672242 650 0|aArt, Chukchi.
a1666260 650 0|aBilingual authors.
a1599947 650 0|aBoxing stories.
a1616559 651 0|aBrooklyn (New York, N.Y.)
a1646570 650 0|aCivilization, Medieval, in literature.
a1672360 650 0|aComparison (Philosophy)
a1672042 650 0|aCrime and criminals
150 0|aCrime
a1672288 650 0|aDigital media
a1672333 650 0|aDiscrimination in juvenile justice administration
a1607681 650 0|aDrug and narcotic control.
a1607681 650 0|aEssential drugs
a1599950 650 0|aExiles' writings, Argentine
a1615086 650 0|aExtracorporeal shock wave therapy.
a1672381 650 0|aFamily therapy.
150 0|aFamily psychotherapy
a1672345 650 0|aFarewells
a1648289 650 0|aFederal aid to native peoples
a1672104 650 0|aFine books
150 0|aPrivate press books
a1550802 651 0|aFredericton (N.B.)
a1614703 650 6|aFuturisme (Art)
a1641120 650 0|aGender identity in literature.
a1672257 650 0|aGeriatric gastroenterology.
a1616559 650 0|aGuyanese Americans
a1613927 650 0|aHabitat selection
a1602748 651 0|aHalton Hills (Ont.)
a1672349 650 0|aHispanic Americans and mass media
a1663362 650 0|aHistoire militaire moderne et contemporaine
a1599235 650 0|aImaginary languages.
a1616633 650 0|aIntegrated water development.
a1666279 650 0|aInternational trade agencies
a1672122 650 0|aInternational Wheat Agreement
a1668342 650 0|aJealousy in literature.
a1672390 650 0|aJews on television.
a1672013 650 0|aJones, Indiana (Fictitious character)
a1672011 650 0|aJones, Indiana (Fictitious character)
a1672366 650 0|aJudgment (Aesthetics)
a1664185 651 0|aJura (Switzerland)
a1672188 651 0|aLb2sviv (Ukraine)
a1607681 650 0|aLegislation, drug.
a1616262 650 0|aMaillard reaction.
a1672265 650 0|aMarriage in popular culture
a1672279 650 0|aMass media and education.
a1616630 650 0|aMobile computing.
a1662474 650 0|aMonarchy in literature.
a1668342 650 0|aMuslims in literature.
a1672429 650 0|aNational socialism and women
a1648289 650 0|aNative children
a1648289 650 0|aNative peoples
150 0|aIndigenous peoples
a1647227 650 5|aNative peoples
150 0|aIndigenous peoples
a1603183 650 5|aNative peoples
150 0|aIndigenous peoples
a1641681 650 5|aNative peoples
150 0|aIndigenous peoples
a1672433 650 0|aNegro art
150 0|aAfro-American art
a1672384 650 0|aNigerian Americans.
a1672458 650 0|aNonlinear systems.
a1672041 650 0|aOperating room nursing
a1672454 650 0|aOral contraceptives, Male
a1668342 650 0|aOthello (Fictitious character)
a1672319 650 0|aOther (Philosophy)
a1672290 651 0|aOyarzâun Valley (Spain)
a1672261 650 0|aPhilosophy, Bulgarian.
a1672460 650 0|aPhytochemicals
a1409081 651 0|aPosavina (Bosnia and Hercegovina)
a1672360 650 0|aPractical reason.
a1603183 651 0|aPrince Rupert Harbour Region (B.C.)
a1642380 650 0|aProject management.
150 0|aIndustrial project management
a1662474 650 0|aQueens in literature.
a1672463 650 0|aQuinolone antibacterial agents
a1615624 650 0|aRacism in psychology.
a1672398 650 0|aReality television programs.
a1672533 650 0|aResearch in reduced gravity environments.
a1672370 650 0|aReunions
a1617804 650 0|aRoadside animals.
a1671647 650 0|aRondos (String quartet)
a1672359 650 0|aSelf in literature.
a1672470 650 0|aSensor networks.
a1664866 650 0|aSex factors in disease.
a1607669 650 0|aShip transfers to foreign registry.
a1584955 650 0|aSpiritual biography.
a1664185 651 0|aSwitzerland, French-speaking
a1615617 650 0|aTall buildings
a1672339 650 0|aTamils
150 0|aTamil (Indic people)
a1617804 650 0|aTraffic safety and wildlife.
a1672469 650 0|aUnicode (Computer character set)
a1672314 650 0|aUnilateral acts (International law)
a1672439 650 0|aVeins
a1617938 650 0|aWeather forcasting
a1672470 650 0|aWireless LANs.
a1639023 650 0|aWorld War, 1935-1945