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Bibliographic Services > New Subjects November 8-14, 2004

New Subjects November 8-14, 2004

New Subject Heading List

For records catalogued from November 08, 2004 to November 14, 2004

Record Key    Heading
a1671118 650 0|aActresses in art.
a1717272 650 0|aADP-ribosylation
a1717129 650 0|aAeneas (Legendary character) in literature.
a1717026 650 0|aAfrican American arts
a1717028 650 0|aAfrican American women in literature.
a1667295 651 6|aAmâerique
a1671581 650 0|aAntenna radiation patterns.
a1717028 650 0|aAntislavery movements in literature.
a1717241 650 0|aArchitecture and globalization.
a1717241 650 0|aArchitecture, British colonial.
a1662191 650 0|aArt, Ethiopian
a1714333 650 0|aBallet in motion pictures, television, etc.
a1717079 650 0|aBody image in men.
a1648148 651 0|aBroadway (New York, N.Y.)
a1717041 650 0|aCancer patients’ writings, American.
a1717165 651 0|aCaspian Sea Region
a1695928 650 0|aChinese Canadian women
a1717143 651 0|aChongqing (China)
a1661371 650 0|aChristian men
a1647206 650 0|aCivilization, Western, in literature.
a1717067 650 0|aCommunication criticism.
a1667295 650 6|aCommunication interculturelle
a1663700 650 0|aCommunity-based family services
a1711696 650 0|aCost of living
150 0|aCost and standard of living
a1717096 650 0|aCybele (Goddess)
a1717147 650 0|aDecolonization in literature.
a1632591 650 0|aDiscrimination in mental health services
a1717251 650 0|aDisfigured persons
a1717212 650 0|aDrugs in popular music.
a1717073 650 0|aEducation and globalization
a1714241 650 0|aEpidemology
a1717272 650 0|aEpigenesis
a1717043 650 0|aEthnicity in music.
a1717195 650 0|aEthnoentomology.
a1717135 650 0|aEugenics in literature.
a1717251 650 0|aEwing’s sarcoma
a1672518 650 0|aFire resistant materials.
a1717183 650 0|aFree jazz
a1671495 650 0|aGastroenteritis.
a1717104 650 0|aGays in motion pictures.
a1667066 650 0|aGays’ writings, Canadian.
a1717079 650 0|aGrooming for men.
a1663431 650 0|aGuadeloupe fiction (French)
a1717191 650 0|aHomosexuality and dance
a1717191 650 0|aHomosexuality in dance.
a1717268 650 0|aHypergeometric series.
a1717128 650 0|aIdentity (Psychology) in literature.
a1717128 650 0|aIdeology in literature.
a1647206 650 0|aImagination in literature.
a1716639 650 0|aInk.
a1717118 650 0|aInterracial marriage in literature.
a1648143 650 0|aIrish drama
a1717126 650 0|aIslamic renewal
a1672933 650 0|aJaina women
a1717217 650 0|aLogotherapy.
a1717022 650 0|aMass media and propaganda
a1717253 650 0|aMass media and war
a1717107 650 0|aMeaning (Philosophy) in literature.
a1685663 650 0|aMen (Christian theology)
a1632591 650 2|aMental Disorders
150 0|aMental illness
a1717212 650 0|aMexican Americans in popular culture.
a1717208 650 0|aMinimal architecture
a1717134 650 0|aMinority lesbians
a1717118 650 0|aMiscegenation in literature.
a1671581 650 0|aMonopole antennas.
a1717071 650 0|aMotherhood in literature.
a1663431 650 0|aMothers and daughters in literature.
a1717168 650 0|aNational socialism and religion.
a1717050 650 0|aNature and civilization.
a1717138 651 0|aNew York (N.Y.)
a1716466 650 0|aPaper making and trade.
150 0|aPaper industry
a1717141 651 0|aPassau (Germany)
a1717141 651 0|aPassau (Germany : Landkreis)
a1716992 650 0|aPeace-building.
a1717269 650 0|aPhotochromic polymers
a1661456 650 0|aPing shu
a1717234 650 0|aPortrait painting, Latin American.
a1717234 650 0|aPortrait painting, Mexican.
a1717147 650 0|aPostcolonialism in literature.
a1717254 650 0|aPostwar reconstruction
a1661347 650 0|aProject management.
150 0|aIndustrial project management
a1717118 650 0|aRacially mixed people in literature.
a1716666 650 0|aReality in art
a1717193 650 0|aRight-wing extremists
a1717259 651 0|aSaint-Etienne (Loire, France)
a1717128 650 0|aSelf in literature.
a1717186 650 0|aSensor networks
a1717049 650 0|aSocial work with African American children.
a1717049 650 0|aSocial work with African Americans.
a1717282 650 0|aSoft condensed matter
a1672563 650 0|aSolar cars.
a1671158 650 0|aSomatic Inkblot Series.
a1717265 650 0|aSports and tourism.
a1717023 650 0|aStreet youth
a1693920 650 0|asubject
a1693683 650 0|aSuperior colliculus.
a1717287 650 0|aSymbolic dynamics
a1715095 650 0|aTariff on rice
a1672933 650 0|aTerehpanth (Jaina sect)
a1717028 650 0|aTragic, The, in literature.
a1647206 650 0|aTruth in literature.
a1700765 650 0|aWater-electrolyte imbalances
a1663694 651 0|aWaubamik (Ont.)
a1715656 651 0|aWest (U.S.)
a1685663 650 0|aWomen (Christian theology)
a1711696 650 0|aWorking poor
a1717138 651 0|aWorld Trade Center Site (New York, N.Y.)
a1717005 650 0|aYugoslav War Crime Trials, Hague, Netherlands, 1994-