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Bibliographic Services > New Subjects October 14-20, 2002

New Subjects October 14-20, 2002

New Subject Heading List

For records catalogued from October 14, 2002 to October 20, 2002

Record Key    Heading
a1590422      650  0|aAfrican American entertainers
a1559834      650  0|aAfrican American women in literature.
a1606019      650  0|aAggressiveness.
a1605673      650  0|aAllergens
a1606031      651  0|aAngkor (Extinct city)
a1519088      650  0|aAnimals, Fossil
a1605654      650  0|aBiometric identification
a1590422      651  0|aBrooklyn (New York, N.Y.)
a1530390      650  0|aBus stops
a1565169      650  5|aCanadian literature (English)
a1583016      651  0|aCaspian Sea Coast
a1580792      650  0|aCensus districst
a1521532      650  0|aCha-cha (Dance)
a1606109      650  0|aCharter schools
a1530583      650  0|aChristmas in motion pictures.
a1605656      650  0|aComponent software
a1596303      650  0|aCourtly love in literature.
a1590983      650  0|aDance orchestra music.
a1530569      650  0|aDecolonization in literature.
a1606055      650  0|aDeindustrialization
a1605711      650  0|aDesert tortoise
a1602707      650  0|aDrug development.
a1605668      650  0|aeXtreme programming.
a1606117      650  0|aFashion designers
a1565591      650  0|aFolk songs, Tamil
a1557175      650  0|aFolk songs, Urdu
a1605670      650  0|aFormal methods (Computer science)
a1602054      650  0|aGender identity disorders in children.
a1583035      650  0|aGenotype-environment interaction.
a1605805      650  0|aGroup identity Quâebec (Province).
a1580748      651  0|aGwaii Haanas National Park Reserve (B.C.)
a1606062      650  0|aHistoriograpy
a1605712      650  0|aHomogenization (Differential equations)
a1529684      650  0|aiMac (Computer)
a1530395      650  0|aInductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry.
a1527207      650  0|aInscriptions, Christian
a1606111      650  0|aInternet in higher education.
a1529973      651  0|aIquitos (Peru)
a1535421      650  0|aIslamic renewal
a1606026      650  0|aJungian psychology.
a1605655      651  0|aKhået Raksåa Phan Satpåa Håuai Khåa Khåµng (Thailand)
a1599836      650  0|aKnowledge management.
a1579274      651  0|aLake of the Prairies Region (Man.)
a1529035      650  0|aLanguage arts (Early childhood)
a1605980      650  0|aLust.
a1605675      650  0|aMarine geographic information systems.
a1606068      650  0|aMartial arts schools
a1529973      650  0|aMestizos
a1529824      650  0|aMilitary psychiatry
                   150  0|aPsychiatry, Military
a1606078      650  0|aNational socialism and philosophy.
a1586950      650  5|aNative women
a1590422      651  0|aNew York (N.Y.)
a1606080      650  0|aOrgan (Musical instrument)
a1580206      650  0|aOrtona (Italy), Battle of, 1943.
a1588398      650  0|aPersons with disabilities
                   150   |aPeople with disabilities
a1602707      650  0|aPharmacogenetics.
a1602707      650  0|aPharmacokinetics.
a1583035      650  0|aPhenotype.
a1527144      650  0|aPlant cell cycle.
a1605840      650  0|aPoor youth
a1584981      650  0|aPotash mines and mining
a1605859      650  0|aProvincial parks and reserves
a1606098      650  0|aRacism in popular culture
a1528105      650  0|aScottich Gaelic poetry.
a1528105      650  0|aScottish Gaelic poetry
a1518562      650  0|aSerpentinite.
a1583927      650  0|aSextets (Piano, clarinet, violins (2), viola,
a1606013      650  0|aSleep disorders in children.
a1605695      650  0|aSoftware patterns.
a1605695      650  0|aSoftware reengineering.
a1606052      650  0|aSpeeches, addresses, etc., American.
a1605697      650  0|aTK5104
a1605649      650  0|aWeb databases