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Rebuilding YorkSpace in Windows

  1. C:Program
    Filesdspace-1.4-source>ant clean

  2. C:Program
    Filesdspace-1.4-source>ant update

  3. C:Program
    Filesdspace-1.4-source>net stop "Apache Tomcat"

  4. C:Program
    Filesdspace-1.4-source>ant update

  5. C:Program
    Filesdspace-1.4-source>copy "c:Program Filesdspace-1.4-sourcebuild*.war"
    "c:Program FilesApache Software FoundationTomcat 5.5webapps" /Y (copy new war files to Apache folder)

  6. C:Program
    Filesdspace-1.4-source>RD /S /Q "c:Program FilesApache Software Fo
    5.5webappsdspace" (delete dspace directory from Apache folder)

  7. C:Program
    Filesdspace-1.4-source>net start "Apache Tomcat"