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Women in Computer Science & Engineering

Since it’s International Women’s Day, I thought I’d point out a nice article in Y-File profiling York’s Women in Computer Science & Engineering program.

York computer science Professor Eshrat Arjomandi can remember a time when she was one of only a handful of women studying computer science at university. It was a lonely road, filled with challenging and grueling course work, hours of study and the isolation that comes from being a female in a male-dominated profession. It was with this experience in mind that Arjomandi, together with colleagues in York’s Faculty of Science & Engineering, formed a small ad-hoc group in 2004 with a mission to support and mentor a growing number of young women choosing to study computer science and engineering at York.

It’s a great article about some great women doing some really important work. Here’s a nice photo of some of the students (Anna Topol, Foroohar Foroozan, Mary Kuruvilla and Neha Durwas) along with Profs. Melanie Baljko, Eshrat Arjomandi and Natalija Vlajic. (And don’t forget Prof. Baljko’s daughter Erma).

Also of interest, the Steacie Spotlight this month is books on Women in Science. We have highlighted over 30 books on that theme, ranging from Grace Hopper to Lise Meitner and women astronauts and everything in between. Check it out (and check out the books too) on the Steacie New Books shelves.