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NATS 1820 Molecules and the Mind

Just for fun

FREE Citation Management Software

Logging in from Home

  • Need to use Passport York or bar code number & PIN from library card to authenticate as a York user
  • Information here on logging in
  • Remember: Use the library web page or this blog post for the link as it will prompt for login

Background Information

My topic: acetylcholine (neurotransmitter / snake venom)

Assignment #1 — Encyclopedia & general articles

1. Print encyclopedia article: do a search in The York Catalogue:

  • Keyword search on something like:
    • (brain or neuro$) and encyclopedia
    • chem$ and encyclopedia
    • $ is the wildcard character: chemistry, chemical, chemicals
  • can find the books at Steacie or sometimes at Scott (for psych)

2. Find a Wikipedia article.

3. Find an article / web page from a university, association or research institute

  • Use Google and look for .edu or .org
  • always make sure you know exactly who is behind the site

Assignment #s 2 & 3– Review articles and citations

Review articles are summaries of recent scholarship in a field or topic area. The usually reference a lot of older articles.

The two best tools for this assignment are:

  • Web of Science
    • can either do a basic search and narrow to review articles or
    • do an advanced search and restrict to review articles
      • syntax is a little weird here: ie TS=acetylcholine
  • Scopus
    • for basic search you can limit to document type “review” or you can search then “limit to”

The both cover chemistry and neuroscience quite well, have links to lots of review articles and provide automatics tracking of citations for articles

Office: Steacie 102H
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