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BTR 820 Research Methodologies (Seneca College)

For Starters


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General Information

  • Good hacker article in wikipedia.  (for a topic like hacking, Wikipedia is a pretty good source)
  • Scientific publication cycle
  • Knee, Michael, “Internet Reference Sources for Computing and Computer Science: A Selected Guide,” Journal of Library Administration, 44(1/2) 2006: 453-473.
  • Kinds of documents:
    • patents: government granted license to an invention
    • standards: agreed upon methodology: ie 802.11
    • journals: research results presented in a periodical/magazine
    • conference proceedings: research results presented at a meeting
      (most conferences in CS are peer-reviewed)
    • technical report: description of a solution to a specific problem
    • books
      • reference: encyclopedias, tables, data collections, properties
      • manuals: lab methods, programming languages, operating systems
      • monographs: general topics
    • technical specifications: how a device or component works, ie
      circuit diagrams
    • code library: database of source code listings or linkable
  • Peer review: researchers validating each others work before publication
  • Academic Integrity & Plagiarism web site.
  • If you’re not sure how to get started on your project, come to Steacie.

Finding Resources at the Library


The Library Home Page

Steacie Library Home Page!

Seneca Library resources for CS are here. (and lots of other subjects too, like business & newspapers)

 Seneca library catalogue.


Finding Books & Journals

  • Do a search in The York Catalogue:
    • by title: Concurrent programming in Java : design principles and patterns
    • by author: Bjarne Stroustrup
    • by journal title: journal of the acm
    • by subject: Java
    • by subject: computer security
    • by keyword (for books and articles):
      • linux and security
      • hackers
      • hackers and credit card
      • hackers and medical
      • hackers and health care
      • hackers and hospital
      • medical and records and security
      • medical and records and privacy
      • medical and records and canada

Finding Articles


These online databases can also be found in the eResources Quick Links or Search boxes on the library home page.

Full Text Article Databases

Online Computer Books

  • Safari — over 200 online computer / technical books on a wide range of subjects.
  • Synthesis — amazing collection of CS & Engineering ebooks, more advanced topics


Using Resources on the Internet


Using the Internet Wisely

  • Wikipedia — good source for tech topics, but only as a starting place for information
  • Using Google as a scholarly research tool:
    • searches:
      • computer security resources
      • computer security medical records
      • data privacy hospitals
    • strategy: find good portal sites
    • strategy: make sure you know exactly who produced the content

To contact me:

Office: Steacie 102H
Also I’m on FaceBook and Friendfeed. The Steacie Library is also on Facebook.