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ENGN 4000 Research Session

Fun Stuff!

Background info and FREE Citation Management Software

Logging in from home

  • Need to use Passport York or bar code number & PIN from library card to authenticate as a York user
  • Information here on logging in
  • Remember: Use the library web page or this blog post for the link as it will prompt for login

General Information

  • Peer review: researchers validating each others work before publication
  • Kinds of documents:
    • patents: government granted license to an invention
    • standards: agreed upon methodology: ie 802.11
    • journals: research results presented in a periodical/magazine. Peer reviewed.
    • trade literature: discipline-specific magazines. Not Peer Reviewed.
    • conference proceedings: research results presented at a meeting. Often peer reviewed, but not always.
    • technical report: description of a solution to a specific problem. Not peer reviewed.
    • books
      • reference: encyclopedias, tables, data collections, properties
      • manuals: lab methods, programming languages, operating systems
      • monographs: general topics
    • technical specifications: how a device or component works, ie circuit diagrams
  • If you’re not sure how to get started on your project, come to Steacie.


  • My Topic: Let’s compete with Google on intelligent vehicles!
  • Plan B: ground penetrating radar for Mars mission…or for finding landmines
  • It’s ok to check Wikipedia to help formulate search strategies!

Keywords for searching on these topics, try restricting to Steacie Stacks only:

  • General Design
    • Title search on Design
    • keywords:
      • industrial and design
      • engineering design
    • Key Book: How products are made : an illustrated guide to product manufacturing — TS 146 H67 — ref section
    • General Engineering keywords:
      • transportation engineering
      • civil engineering
      • electrical engineering
      • mechanical engineering
      • industrial engineering
      • aerospace engineering
  • Materials
    • Try a search on “materials and ” some other keyword
    • Key book: Handbook of materials selection — TA 403.4 H368 ref section
    • Key book: Encyclopedia of materials : science and technology — TA 402 E53 2001 Ref section
  • Ergonomics
    • Keywords:
      • human factors
      • anthropometry
      • human engineering
      • ergonomics
    • Key book: The measure of man and woman : human factors in design TA 166 M342 2002 — ref section
    • Key book: International encyclopedia of ergonomics and human factors — TA 166 I556 2001 — ref section
  • Health and Safety
    • Try searching on “health and safety” limited to Steacie
    • Keywords:
      • safety and engineering
      • industrial safety
      • fire and (prevention or safety)
      • accidents and (prevention or safety)
  • Environmental Factors
    • Keywords:
      • environmental impact assessment (most books in Scott Library)
      • environmental engineering
  • Engineering Failure
    • keywords:
      • forensic engineering
      • building failures
      • system failures
      • materials defects
      • technology and risk assessment
      • reliability and engineering
      • emergency management

What kinds of documents do engineers use?



  • Helps get up to speed on a topic
  • Do a search in The York Catalogue:
    • by title: Photovoltaic solar energy generation
    • by author: Goetzberger A
    • by journal title: Scientific American
    • by keyword:
      • ground penetrating radar
      • ground penetrating radar and metal and detection
      • ground penetrating radar and (landmine or land mine)
      • signal processing and music
      • signal processing and audio
      • sound and engineering
      • music and (technology or data processing)
  • Try Google Books Searchwith the Libx extension
    • music signal processing
    • mono stereo conversion signal processing
  • Some other helpful books:
    • Wiley Encyclopedia of EEE — TK 9 W55 1999 ref section


There are a couple of ebooks packages that are relevant to engineering


  • ground penetrating radar
  • landmine and detection and radar
  • “ground penetrating radar”
  • Safari — nearly 200 technology ebooks on software, operating systems, programming languages
  • Synthesis — more advanced ebooks on topics like biomedical engineering, antennas, image processing
  • Books24x7 — EngineeringPro & ITPro
  • Scolars Portal eBooks — a great big pile of ebooks
  • Knovel — reference/property data.  Also has live equations and interative graphs
  • SPIE Digital Library — has all the SPIE books, proceedings and journals in full text


  • Journal & conference articles give cutting edge, peer reviewed information on most topics
  • Some searches:
    • ground penetrating radar and antenna
    • landmine and detection and radar
    • mono and stereo and conversion
    • audio and conversion
    • signal processing and (sound or audio) and mono and stereo


  • A standard is a set of language or protocol rules serving as a rallying point, as a base for
    independent agents to communicate together without a specific and a priori agreement. (W3C)
  • Wikipedia definition of Standardization
  • Some standards organizations offer their standards for free, others require payment
  • IEEE standards for electronics — great resource, lots of standards for anything to do with electricity
  • International Telecommunications Union standards
  • Many other standards organizations listed here.


  • Wikipedia: a treasure trove of technical information, created by a commuity. Not edited or reviewed, so may not be complete or accurate. Tech topics tend to be pretty good.
  • Using Google and Google Scholaras a scholarly research tool:
    • example: wireless cellphone antennas
    • strategy: find good portal sites
    • Strategy: Scholar is still in beta so it’s still incomplete
    • strategy: make sure you know exactly who produced the content and why
    • strategy: good source of product specs

Office: Steacie 102L
Phone: 416-736-2100 x20396

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