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New Murals in Scott Library

Each year the Faculty of Fine Arts invites members of the campus to consider acquiring art for their public spaces through the site-specific mural competition. Once again the Libraries provided a small number of spaces for which students could propose a piece of art. In the Spring, the winners for the Site Specific Art Contest were chosen by a panel of judges. Three murals are now installed:

Intervention (photos mounted on aluminum)

located behind the Circulation Desk

by Maeve Hanna – 5th year, Visual Arts

Library Renovations Art 004

Books I’ve Never Read (photographs)

located on the East wall of the Reading Room

by Patrick Kaipainen – 4th year, visual Arts

Library Renovations Art 002

Disruption (inkjet printed on vinyl)

located in the newly renovated Central Square reading room, (open to the public beginning September)

by Mark Small – 5th year, Visual Arts

Library Renovations Art 010

2 thoughts on “New Murals in Scott Library

  1. I guess it’s too late to have a lip on the Circulation Desk to cover up the keyboards, stamps, papers, etc.? Check out the picture above…lots of clutter…it distracts from the art.