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Monday July 14 – Learn about Discovery Layers

In case you didn’t hear it at Library Forum yesterday, the post-Library Forum Monday ETIG brown bag lunch (12:00 noon) will be about discovery layers.

Why? YUL is investigating discovery layers as a way to give easier access to our varied collections, accessing online catalogue data, electronic resources – and all the other wonderful ‘stuff’ we have here at the Libraries – through a single search.

Yesterday at Library Forum there was a demonstration from the folks at Aquabrowser.  Bob Thompson also conducted a demonstration of VuFind.

Among other topics for discussion will be the Berkeley Accord:

What is the “Berkeley Accord”? Eric Lease Morgan says this by way of an explanation:

“Folks from the Digital Library Federation have proposed an application programmng interface for providing basic services against integrated library systems, and a number of vendors have signed on to implement it. This has been called the “Berkeley Accord”.

From the announcement [1]:
…participants agreed to support a set of essential functions through open protocols and technologies by deploying specific recommended standards. These functions are:
1. Harvesting
2. Availability
3. Linking”

posted on behalf of the Emerging Technologies Interest Group.

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