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Walk Right in…Sit Right Down

An entire Conference Series taking place virtually – in Second Life.

What if, in addition to reading a book, we could actually visit the locations we read about?

What if, instead of reading the words of a Lincoln or a Shakespeare, we could hear them speak?

What if, instead of staring at a two-dimensional website, we could walk into and through the page of the screen?The technology of virtual worlds is opening up a new universe of possibilities for students and lifelong learners. Many experts say we are moving from the area of the two-dimensional webpage to the era of the three-dimensional virtual world. The “Stepping into” series of conferences is your chance to learn about, and experience for yourself, the power of virtual worlds. Over the coming months, we will explore some of the best and most creative work being done in virtual worlds, in the areas of history, literature, medicine, science and more.

Stepping into Literature:

This conference is designed for educators, librarians, publishers, booklovers, or anyone who is dedicated to promoting a a greater appreciation of literature in our society.

August 4 and 6, 2008
To register: