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IL Workshop for Librarians Tuesday Sept 2

Tools to Help You Engage Students & Gauge the Effectiveness of Your Library Instruction Sessions

All librarians welcome!

10-11.30 a.m. Sept. 2nd
Location: S236, Bronfman Business Library, Schulich

Please RSVP to Sophie Bury by August 29th (so we know how many handouts
to make available)

Workshop Presenters: S. Bury, S. Coysh, P. Duerr, T. Mgwigwi

  • Do you ever wonder if your IL sessions are having the impact you hope they are?
  • Would you find it useful to be able to use a free open source survey tool to help you do this?
  • Would you like to introduce quizzing technology in your classroom in the form of mini-quizzes to gauge student understanding and/or to heighten student interest in material?
  • Would you like to use pre-tests/post-tests with your classes to see if student skills improve after the instruction and which areas may need more attention than others?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, please join us for a workshop which combines attention to how Moodle, YQuiz, and the online survey tool can be used as part of IL sessions. Not only will we demo these tools but we’ll incorporate some hands-on exercises and we’ll discuss examples of how librarians have already used this approach with positive results.

The first hour will focus on the quizzing/testing tools, and the last half hour on the survey tool to generate session evaluations. If you feel you know the survey tool well enough, you could leave after an hour. Those who want a refresher or missed the first round of training on the survey tool can stay for this last part.

If you can’t make it but are interested, please let us know, and if we
have enough interest, we’ll set up a second date.


One of the five main areas of focus of ILC is assessment. To this end
ILC has worked on a developing an assessment toolkit, which is easily
adaptable to diverse instructional settings, and now available for use
by instructional librarians at York.

You can expect to come away with:

Skills in using and implementing quizzes or pre-test/post-test questions drawn from a online question pool developed by ILC’s assessment sub-group. Moodle and YQuiz will be showcased as examples for creating and implementing quizzes (we have ready made templates developed to share with you!). These quizzes can serve as a way to assess student understanding, but also as a tool for engagement in the classroom.

Skills in using and adapting an open source survey tool (developed by the Faculty Support Centre), for creation and implementation of library session student evaluations. Not only will you have an opportunity torefresh and develop your skills in setting this up, but we will also showcase examples from last year of the kind of useful feedback this can generate, and how this can inform useful changes to your IL sessions to benefit yourself and your students.

Hope you’ll join us!

Sophie, Sarah, Peter and Thumeka