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I made a screencast of a walkthrough of the new web site look. Have a look. There’s audio, so mind the volume if you’re in a public area. (The audio gets out of synch mid-way. Sorry about that.)

Important link:

That’s the beta version of the new library web site. Right now it’s just for staff, and it’s hidden behind the staff password. That will change soon and by Monday 17 August at the latest it’ll have no password and be open to the public. We’ll put a link to it on the home page.

On Tuesday 1 September this version of the web site will replace the current version.

If you have any problems or technical issues, please e-mail If you have general comments, e-mail me at, Sarah Coysh at, and Mark Robertson at Send it to all three of us, please.

We’ll post more screencasts and news and updates about the home page here, so keep coming back.