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Tim Spalding on social cataloguing, future of libraries, and more

Tim Spalding, who runs LibraryThing, gave a talk at a conference recently. The end of it, where he got on a bit of a tear, was popular, so he put up a clip of just that part:

A number of people have commented they liked my LIANZA talk, but especially the part at the end where I talk about what I think social cataloging means for libraries, how libraries have failed at Web 2.0, and what the future can bring.

As is usual in my talk, the first part is heavily visual, with live demoing and quick cuts, and the end is visually desiccated. After giving people a most atypical, active presentation, I want people to stop looking at the damn screen for a moment and listen (and look at me gesticulating). On its own, however, it makes me look like my presentations are one big PowerPoint deck…

Here’s the video:

Just the LIS/ranting/inspiration parts! from Tim Spalding on Vimeo.