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OLA Superconference 2010: The Skinny Part 2

Staff were invited to report on their experience at Superconference, We have three reports, thank you!

1. Alison Ball ((Mono Acquisitions) writes:

The following were key points I jotted down at one of my sessions. The speaker was Pam Casey and these were her suggestions of ways to stay current. [Do You Have the Skills for Tomorrow's Library Careers? Pam Casey, President, Information Now]

A good working knowledge of social media sites—U Tube, Stumble Upon, Delicious, Digg, Reddit, Flickr, Forums, Twitter, Wikis, blogs, functional knowledge of some HTML/CCS.

Basic knowledge of web site design standards and best practices including knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript.

Tech skills to acquire–Taxonomy development, Metadata analysis, Information Architecture, Web 2.0, Social Media

Skills to develop–Leadership, presentation, ability to be flexible and independent.  Join online networks, blogs, wikis etc.

Training offered at:

University of Toronto offers PLC training check their website:

Athabaska University:

Special Libraries Association:

SeoTraining Toronto:

Associations Knowledge Workers of Toronto:

Special Library Assoc.:

CIPS-Computer Information Professions:

AIM-Assoc. Of Information Manage :

Online & Social Networks

Lined In –

Twitter – (business networking tool)

Facebook – look up sla Toronto, ola, and cla

Ning –

Yahoo –

Airset Group Cloud Computer groups

Yahoo groups

CILIP: the Chartered Institute of Library & Information Professionals

Websites to check regarding Taxonomy:

Social Media website:

U OF T- PLC program teaches all of the above

Journals to have a look at:

KMWorld, eContent and Information Outlook

Lastly, I recommend listening to Aimee Mullins the plenary speaker, who is not a librarian but a motivational speaker.  This is not the session she did at OLA but a previous one she did for TED.

2. Janet Cheng (Scott Reference) Writes:

Thanks to your support for me to attend this Conference. The only difficulty is to make the choice of which session to go amongst these hundreds of presentations …..

Day One – I attended the 419 Meeting Procedures Part 2 which is to do with the formal meeting procedures. Handouts will be available once they put it on the OLA Conference web. Aimee Mullin’s session on “From overcoming to embracing: seeing opportunity in adversity” is the highlight of the day and I hope I have learn from her attitude.

Day Two – Lgen the Honourable Romeo Dallaire’s session is again powerful and inspiring to all the attendees. I’m happily away with his autographed book and to remember that there is no such thing as “status quo”.

photo courtesy of J. Cheng

Then I attended the “Academic Libraries in a 24/7 world” which is the hands-on experience of U. of T Scarborough, Queen’s and York on serving students’ needs and juggling resources at the same time.

Christopher Hume’s session is my wrap up of the day in which he talked about the value of the libraries, its presence in the community and its relation to the individual and their family.

I have enjoyed attending this Conference and thanks again for the opportunity.


3. Nisa Lawson (University Librarian’s Office) writes:

Building a Successful Event: Special events 101 . Ann Andrusyszyn, Manager of Fundraising, Marketing & Communications, Barrie PL

The presenter highlighted some very tried and true methods for event planning but what struck me as the most useful were the event planning templates at Microsoft.

Touch me! Multi-touch Screens and More!

Fiacre O’Duinn, Cataloguing Librarian, Hamilton PL

This presentation highlighted a very important trend in technology and how it can relate to teaching and learning skills. Multi -Touch devices allow more than one user to interact with a given program just by touching this large flat surface. Aptly, one product introduced to us was called Microsoft Surface.

Imagine if you will, a huge iPhone that you can use for file sharing just by placing your cell phone on its surface, while someone else crops photos and literally “throws” it into a mobile device placed on the same surface. Take a look at some of the demos on YouTube! The possibilities are endless with what you can do.

In between sessions, I was able to interact with the wonderful people at the expo, who were giving out some pretty cool stuff, and not just pens. That’s where I got this little guy.