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Congrats to YUL's Honourees for Long Service

On March 8, Many YUL staff were honoured for their service to the York University.

In the past, the “big benchmark” was 25.  To coincide with the 50th anniversary celebrations, employees with 30, 35 and 40 years of service will now be honoured.  Just so no one is missed out, folks that fall between these dates were recognized this year.

Click here to check out the photos!

Congratulations everyone!

Douglas M. Adams
Hava Aharoni
Jean Anderson
John A. Armogan
Anne Benincasa
Janis M. Boykach
Karen Cassel
Carmela Di Bellonia
Michele A. Francis
Linda M. Gamble
Rosy T. S. Go
Linda Hansen
Myrtle A. Hutchinson
Mary Lehane
Barbara A. Lowens
Muhammed Shafiq Malik
Mary L. McDowell
Donna Munshaw-Sepper
Savitree Puran
John Santilli
Linda M. Smith
Sandra L. Smith
Martin Snitman
Marion S. Sum
Robert Thompson
John Thomson

We’re always looking for photos for the blog please let us know if you have any to share.