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New FAS logon protocol

Important: Implications of the new FAS logon protocol for public service

There are many implications of the new FAS (File Access Service) logon protocol for public services. This purpose of this email is to communicate some of these implications, esp. for our public service points and our teaching. Please ensure that this email gets distributed to anyone involved in either of these activities.

Public Service Desks

All students (new or continuing), staff, and faculty will need to create an FAS account/password for use of workstations anywhere on campus.

Catalogue express workstations will continue to be available in the libraries and these do not require FAS logon. These can therefore be used to activate FAS accounts (in the case of a new user), or change from an Acadlabs to an FAS password. Please be aware that there is a time lag between the request and the activation.

Catalogue express stations in YUL: Scott: 6 in SMIL, 4 in Central Square, 5 in 2nd floor, 1 in 3, 4, and 5; Steacie 4; BBL 1; Frost 2

Guest accounts can made for users at selected service points (at branches and at Scott at Welcome Desk and Info Desk). These guest passwords will have random case-senstive alphanumeric characters, so it will be important to make users aware that they must be careful when logging in (there will be some inevitable confusion of similar characters such as: “0″ and “O”, “I” and “L”, etc.

Users can only be signed into FAS in one location only. Wireless Air York will also be using FAS. If users have difficulty signing in, they may need to sign out elsewhere – including hand-held devices (iTouch, iPhones, etc.) that may be using wireless.


All students will need to sign on workstations in classrooms with FAS accounts at the beginning of a class. Instructor workstations will not require FAS logon however.

We are not able to use a generic FAS account for a whole class, so class participants either need to use: 1) their own accounts, or 2) a unique guest account. This may create challenges, esp. at the beginning of term when students may not have their account set up yet.

Guest accounts: we will probably need to have a number of guest accounts available for students who may not have an FAS account set up before a class. Once we are into the year, hopefully they will be near universal, but we will see how this plays out.

Guest accounts can only be set up on the day of the classes. We can however create these accounts in batch from specific designated computers. Workshop instructors will probably want to come to each class prepared with a number of backup guest accounts to distribute to students who do not have or know their FAS password. Currently guest accounts can be created at the following YUL locations: Scott: Reference Desks, Welcome Services Desk and the Information Desk; Steacie: Reference and Circulation Desk; Frost: Reference and Circulation Desk; BBL: Reference Desk.

If you need to make guest account at any additional staff workstations, please notify LCS.

We recognize that this new protocol may present some significant challenges. Rest assured that our concerns were expressed to UIT (by Bob, Helium, etc.), however this is a campus-wide initiative. I am hoping that we can share ideas about how to address these problems. If you have other ideas about how we can try to mitigate some of these impact, I would encourage you to share your ideas with other public service staff (via Ref-L, etc.).

We are in the process of updating library web pages with information on the accounts. In the meantime, here are some pages that have some up to date information:

YUL’s FAS info page:

UIT’s FAS info page:

Posted on behalf of Mark Robertson