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Lunchtime TO DO session about personal information management


[√] Get cat food.
[√] Pick up dry cleaning.
[ ] Find out how people manage their email, projects, and tasks.

When: 1 pm – 2 pm, Thursday 9 December 2010
Where: SMIL screening room
Why: You may become more productive!

You get a lot of email.
You have a lot of projects on the go.
You have a lot of things you need to do and not enough time to do them.
How do you manage all that?
How do other people manage it?
Now’s your chance to find out!

ETIG presents a lunchtime session on technologies of the self: personal information management.

Lightning talks from:

• Sophie Bury on why she stopped using daily to-do lists and began the Now Habit
• Janet Cheng on how experience helps with juggling many urgent tasks
• Bill Denton on Getting Things Done (GTD) and inbox zero
• Angela Hamilton on how she prioritizes tasks by setting out Post-it™ notes
• Ricardo Laskaris on how he writes things on a small piece of folded paper
• Anna St. Onge on how an archivist organizes things
• You?

Learn more about how the people you work with every day manage their work! See systems that might give you ideas of how to improve your own!

After the talks there will be time for discussion. What works for you? What doesn’t? Is your email inbox empty or do you keep 15,000 messages in it? Do you write things down on paper, keep lists on the computer, or hold it all in your head? How can we find out about software that helps? What are the best books and sites about this? Come out and join the fun.

If you’d like to talk for five minutes about how you manage your work, email, projects, and everything else, let Bill Denton know at

All welcome!