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Help with Your New Year’s Resolutions 2: Get Up to Date

  1. We have a sortable, online phone list plus a pdf file for printing paper copies.
  2. And here’s a reminder that a list of email addresses  is maintained for those who would like to import it.
  3. We have a YUL calendar on Google located on our Staff page.  It has all relevant Library meetings and events. Are we missing something? Email and let us know.

Import Instructions:

if you look in H:\PUBLIC\Permanent\YUL ADDRESS BOOK you’ll find:

YUL.ldif - this file is for Thunderbird and Netscape
YUL.csv – can be imported into tools such as gmail (no groups though)

I try to keep these up to date, if you notice any problems or have any questions please drop me a line.


To update Thunderbird/Netscape:
1. Open the program, select “Address Book” and you’ll see the YUL entry. Highlight it. Select “Delete”


Then you can select “Tools” –> “Import” –> “Address Books”–”Text file”


look in H:\PUBLIC\Permanent\YUL ADDRESS BOOK

click on YUL.ldif