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Undercurrents is the creation of York University Libraries and its Student Advisory Group. This series of events is designed to provide undergraduate students at York with a forum to discuss their work and experiences both on and off campus.

Our Next Event:


Join our panel of engaged undergrads as they discuss their
work beyond the classroom. From child soldiers to
sexual assault, Tanzania to TEDx, learn how and
why they got involved, and how you can too.

WHEN: Thursday, March 24th, 11 a.m.
WHERE: Scott Library Collaboratory (second floor)

Guest Speakers:

I will be speaking about my experience as part of the Theatre Student Association and the Creative Arts Student Association. I will talk about the importance of being involved in student government and the opportunities that being a student leader has presented me with. I will speak specifically about one successful event I planned called ‘Emmanuel Jal: We Want Peace’. He is a former child soldier and world famous hip hop artist. Planning this event has opened many doors for me, including a potential job offer at Universal Music. I will speak about the challenges and benefits balancing extra curricular activities with school work, and the importance of networking while at University.

Volunteering with the Sexual Assault Survivor’s Support Line (SASSL) has increased my engagement with the York community by giving me the opportunity to meet and work people outside of my program, examine the issues affecting the student community, and work towards having an impact on these issues. Most of all, volunteering for SASSL has given me the chance to encourage York students, and others, to engage in a dialogue about sexual assault and the issues surrounding it. I believe that removing the stigma surrounding these issues by encouraging open discussion can have a significant positive impact.
The university experience can be overwhelming, and it is easy to feel lost in the crowd, especially at a school the size of York. Getting involved with student organizations can be an empowering experience, as you become a part of shaping the culture and community of the university.

Details coming soon.

My presentation, entitled “Gems of experience,” will be centered upon important opportunities which I believe students should deeply consider taking a part of, along with my personal story and advice to others aspiring to possibly start up a student club or become more involved in the YorkU community. I hope to make the presentation both informative and inspiring, and elucidate why involvement in student life in often needed to make a degree “complete.”

for more information, please contact Timothy Bristow: