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Telegram Images Strike again!

Julia told me about a cool new documentary that has made use of the Toronto Telegram images:

YONGE STREET – Toronto Rock & Roll Stories features images of Toronto in the 1950′s and ’60s, and perfomers such as Bob Dylan and  Ronnie Hawkins, some of which are already loaded into YSpace.

You can watch it on Bravo this Monday-Wednesday, and on the 27th on the A Channel.

From what I heard, there was some frantic hi-resolution scanning of just under 100 images for the project, and Bibliographic Services staff also pitched in to help with scanning.

The David Brady, the New Media Producer was extremely grateful for the assistance:

“You really helped make all of this possible. Our website is also being acknowledged as ground breaking and truly unique and that’s why it’s also so important.”

Here’s a fun blog post I found, by a person familiar with Toronto’s Scene back then.