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Leeann's Student Blog


Good afternoon everyone. My name is Leeann. I’m in grade11 and I’m currently enrolled in the ACE program which allows students from high school to study Political Science at York University. I’ve decided to do this blog post so that I can enhance my typing skills and so I’ll be able to interact with others on the blog.  You should expect to see my posts at least twice a week. 

Learning about political science was very interesting because I learned a lot of things people my age didn’t know! Most importantly, I learned about the government in Canada and how they affect our lives. We also learned things like what led Canada to Neoliberalism and how people benefited from it and how it made things harder for them. Every Tuesdays, we’d attend lectures with professor Smardon, and on Mondays, we’d be with Paul. For the remainder of the week, I’d be at my co-op placement. 

My co-op placement is in Scott Library and I am assisting in the University Librarian’s Office. My experience here had been fun and it’s also been a learning experience. I do things like filing, typing information on Excel, and I also help out at the Resource sharing department.  Now that I have co-op, I’ve become more familiar with the Library. It is easier for me to look for books! University is definitely different from high school. I’m very happy that I got a chance to experience what the life is like here before entering into grade 12.