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Leeann – Oprah's Final Show ; May 25th

Good afternoon. As we all know, yesterday was the final episode of the Oprah show. Unfortunately, I was at work so I wasn’t able to watch it. Oprah has been hosting her own show for 25 years and has done a very good job at it. Most “grownup” shows appear to be boring if they’re not lively like Maury. However, Oprah has found a way to catch the attention of both old and young viewers.

Oprah is definitely my greatest role model because although she’s been through many obstacles in her life, she kept strong and carried on with her dreams. Other than having millions of dollars, if I could wish for anything, it would be to meet with her. Its unfortunate that yesterday was her last day on the show, but I’m sure that we’ll see her often as she continues do great things for the people around her.

In the previous years, she’s done amazing things like build a school in South Africa, and give her whole audience cars! She definitely had a way of leaving people in awe with the things that she does. A very important characteristic that I adore about Oprah is that she’s independent. Independence comes with a lot of responsibilities, but most importantly, respect.