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In honour of the recent Flag Day, please have a look at a historical treasure courtesy of Archives Ontario!!!!

Canada adopted our present national flag only in 1965 after considerable debate in the House of Commons. While we are known world wide for our colourful banner of the maple leaf in red and white, there were  a number of other suggestions thoroughout the twentieth century.

On the 30th November 1929, Col. J.F. Mitchell, a former M.L.A. of the Manitoba Legislature, published a booklet proposing a new design for a Canadian flag.

In order to read more of his rationale behind choosing the design on the right side of this page, please go to the address shown below. ( It was  “tweeted” by Archives Ontario on Flag Day, the 15th of February.)

The Colonel had a very interesting take on why he choose these particular symbols and included a map of the constellations to further his explanations.

With all the best  from your friendly neighbourhood Gov Docs Librarian,

Many thanks,