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York University Master Plan update

Recently I was part of a group that was invited to view the plans and provide input on Phase 1 of the Lands for Learning consultation concerning the future development of York Campus’ edge precincts.For anyone who is interested, here is an update from the York University Development Corp.–Christina

We have summarized the findings and are now in Phase 2 – circulating what we heard and checking in with the community to ensure that we got it right and haven’t missed anything.

Phase 1 ran from November 2013 to February 2014. During this time we engaged in conversations with the YorkU community who provided feedback and insight for the broad frameworks guiding the planning, design and development of the Lands for Learning. The Lands for Learning Studio in York Lanes was staffed with York students and facilitators who hosted conversations, presentations and drop in sessions with students, faculty and staff. Further input and commentary was contributed via email and social media. 
Phase 2 of the Lands for Learning will continue through April. We’ve attached an ‘at a glance’ summary of the key findings. A full report on Phase 1 of the consultation is available online:

We are keen to share this information as widely as possible with the YorkU community. If you’re able to include it in a newsletter, postings or emails – we’d be grateful for the help in getting the word out about what we heard, and what else people want to add.

Please have a look at the attached summary of Phase 1, and provide us with any comments, feedback, or questions you may have. Additionally, a student-staffed mobile Information Booth will be on campus from April 8th – 24th, distributing summaries of what we heard in Phase 1 and asking students, faculty and staff what we missed, what we got right, and what we should add.  You can send feedback to

For more information:
Kate Nelischer  BLA, MA Design Writing
Design Communications
416.975.1556 ext: 242