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Baby shower photos

Here are a few select shots from the party..gift_tags
Sadly, Kim was unable to attend.
Glenda and June
Glenda and Dana
We had fun playing a library guessing game that David Clicnk devised. There was a power group who won with a top score of..oh nevermind. It’s too embarrassing for the rest of us ;-)

Sarah and Holden stopped by. However, we didn’t get a shot of the two of them together, because folks were busy playing pass the baby.



Jocelyn and Holden and Ade…remember Ade?


It was great to meet Norda’s children, one a budding artist who drew portraits on demand and the other who has grown up so fast..but..well let’s just say we didn’t ask to see his driver’s licence, haha.

The cake, as I suspected, was bought at Stubbe on Christie St. They make great chocolates too.


Thanks to the organizers at Bronfman and Scott for putting on a great party!