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Personal Librarian live today – Congrats!

Posted on behalf of Mark Robertson.

A note of kudos and congratulations to everyone associated with the Personal Librarian program that went live yesterday. It’s very exciting to see this come to fruition after many months of planning! It will be interesting over the academic year to see how students take up the program and make use of their personal librarian.

As you probably know, retention and first year experience are key York priorities. It’s gratifying to contribute in such innovative ways to the experience of our students. Some details in case you don’t know what the Personal Librarian program is:

  • 944 first year students have been contacted today about their participation in PL
  • the students are either: undeclared majors, switch majors (offered acceptance into a related program when they didn’t get into their program of preference), or mature students
  • 15 librarians are participating across the system
  • students were introduced to their PL by email today and we’ll be in contact with them over the year
  • there will also be an event for students to meet their PL in person on October 1

Many thanks to:

  • Kalina Grewal (coordinator)
  • Ali Sadaqain & Tuan Nguyen (LCS)
  • Christina Pringi (ULO)
  • Aaron Lupton

Personal librarians:

  • Anna St. Onge
  • Angie An
  • Dany Savard
  • Rosa Orlandini
  • Rob van der Bliek
  • Ilo Maimets
  • Sarah Shujah
  • Leigh Jackson
  • Alexanda Symons
  • Jacqueline Kreller-Vanderkooy
  • Dana Craig
  • Stephanie Quail
  • Catherine Davidson
  • Mark Robertson

With gratitude!

Mark Robertson
Associate University Librarian, Information Services