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Universal Analytics on YUL web sites

Posted on behalf of Bill Denton

Here is some exciting news for anyone interested in knowing how our web sites are used.

York is moving over to using one Google Universal Analytics code on all web sites, and we’re going with them. Some of our sites have already been moved over. This means that instead of having different analytics codes on each site, there’s just one, and users can be tracked as they move across all of York’s sites (as long as no personal information is in the URL). We can see how people go from WordPress to VuFind and back, from the Current Students page to our home page, from a course page to SPARK, and more.

Information about all of this is here:

Anyone can have access to the data if they are “York-based and affiliated with a website.” Ask here:

Once you’ve got access, you can use Google Analytics the usual way, on its web site, and UIT will soon be setting up a special library dashboard for us so we can see all of our content in one view.

I also recommend installing this extension into Chrome:

Chrome Page Analytics extension:

It will let you add an overlay as you browse York sites, and when you look at our home page you will see usage data, like this:captch

It’s well worth trying.

These are the sites where Universal Analytics will be in place. Some of them already have it, some are waiting to go:
| URL                                              |
|                 |
|                 |
|                |
|                       |
|                |
|         |
|                  |
| |
|                |
|                        |
|                |
| MRBS for room bookings                           |

If you know of any YUL web properties not on this list, let me know. Everything that does not have personal identifying information in the URL should use this new code.

There’s a lot we can do with all of this information! I’m going to learn more about it the week after next at an ARL workshop:

When I’m back I’ll arrange a workshop about it all and we can dig into things more.


William Denton  <>
Web Librarian, York University Libraries |
102N Steacie, York University, 4700 Keele St., Toronto M3J 1P3
+1 416-736-2100 x20006