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Stories from the Frost Library Ribbon Cutting Nov 27, 2014

There are a couple of things that didn’t make into the YFile story, so I will relate them here for everybody.

Anne McGaughey, Julie Drexler, and Vivienne Monty all returned to from their jet-setting retirement lifestyles to attend the Frost for the event, it was great to see everybody there.  Anne in particular had an important conversation with President Shoukri which I couldn’t tear him away from, as I was desperately trying to herd the guests toward the ribbon cutting part of the ceremony.  He said to Anne “You made my day.”

Of course I had to know more, so I asked what she had said that made the President happy, and as it turns out, her son Alan is a professor of Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. He received his B.Eng in ’98 from McMaster, and he said that Dr. Shourki was a source of inspiration for him.

And the students were amazing. Glendon campus, as I found out, is a real family. The student representatives are all very active, and best of all they have positive things to say about their Library.

Jenny David, (Member of Student Caucus of Faculty Council and President, Glendon International Studies Students Association) in her remarks said:

Je crois que la bibliothèque Frost est un lieu d’inspiration où les étudiants de tous les départements de Glendon se retrouvent pour travailler individuellement ou collectivement afin de créer de grandes choses et atteindre leurs objectifs avec succès.

We’ve had positive feedback on twitter, and students helped with promoting the event as well:

At the event we got to meet them:

Anthony Brum, GCSU Councillor and Mark Robertson

Anthony Brum, GCSU Councillor and Mark Robertson


Jenny and Friends

Listening to the speeches. They are wearing printed name tags, which means they RSVPd! (that is a big thing)

Listening to the speeches. They are wearing printed name tags, which means they RSVPd! (that is a big thing!)

Also, the new Glendon Principal, Donald Ipperciel, which some of us met for the first time that day, said in his remarks:

J’ai toujours eu un faible pour les bibliothèques…en tant que chercheur universitaire, j’ai passé beaucoup d’heures dans les bibliothèques. C’était un lieu de savoir, de méditation, de travail, mais aussi de refuge. La bibliothèque, c’est en quelque sorte l’âme de l’université.

Those are my stories. I thought I would pass on the library Love so we could be proud of our achievements!–Christina