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All Staff Open House/Welcome June 25

Save the Date!
Scott Collaboratory 10am -12 noon

  • We’ll be welcoming Joy Kirchner, our new UL, the week prior to her arrival and getting together to showcase our work to colleagues.
  • This Open House will be an opportunity for each department/unit to showcase itself – to Joy and to the rest of your colleagues. Unleash your department’s creativity!
  • Refreshments provided!

Each department will be asked to create a poster/display/slideshow highlighting your department.  Your unit’s display could feature things such as:

  • accomplishments
  • things you are proud of
  • profiles of staff
  • little known facts
  • projects/initiatives

There will be no formal presentations, instead we’ll encourage people to circulate and visit posters/displays (like a fair).  In order for Joy to be able to make it around to each display, aim to create something that can be viewed in no more than 3-4 min. so that Joy will have time to chat and ask questions as well.

If you are doing a poster, here are some hints: Creating your Posters
ULO will need to receive posters by Monday June 15 at noon so they may be printed. Please send them to Sharlene at

If you are creating a slide show, please ensure you have a laptop, if not ULO can help locate one.

And of course, if you have any questions, Christina or Rita will be available to help.