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Who is that?

Remember when I sent around a note asking for photos for the Staff Blog banner??

The first photo we received was submitted by Ricardo Laskaris, who works in the Steacie Science and Engineering Library.  Yes, that’s him (above).

Do YOU have a picture you’d like us to use for blog banner?

The dimensions of the banner are 750px × 140px  and the picture should be JPEG or GIF format. (Please only submit pictures you have the rights for)

…and please note, it doesn’t have to be library related.

Congratulations to our Gillane!

Gillane and Fiancé, Shawn

We’re thrilled to let you in on a little secret…Gillane’s getting hitched!  The wedding will take place in mid October and then she and her husband-to-be, Shawn will be jetting off to an exotic locale for their honeymoon.

The folks in the ULO would like to say that we’re happy for Gillane and Shawn and we wish them both many years of married bliss!

When she returns, Gillane has asked that we address her by her married name, Gillane Parkinson.

Enjoying your iPhone?

“As a long-time Palm OS Treo user now on a Centro, I’ve been able to add any third-party application to my cell phone for years. In fact, before my Centro, one of my biggest problems was fitting all of the apps I’d downloaded on the phone and SD card. So it’s with a high level of amusement that I’ve watched iPhone users extol their new ability to add Apple-sanctioned apps to their phones. ..”

Jenny Levine, The Shifted Librarian and the Voice of Experience has a few tips for iPhone users.