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Discovery layers

Stacy Allison-Cassin did a presentation at Library Forum on 14 October about discovery layers. She reviewed what we’d seen about VUFind, Primo, Aquabrowser, and BiblioCommons, and handed out a sheet that listed things we should look for in a discovery layer and (as far as she could find out) whether or not the different systems met what we want.

All of this is available on the intranet: Discovery Layer Discovery Process. Have a look.

New Faces at YUL!

Posted on behalf of Tuan Nguyen:
“I am happy to announce the appointment of Taras Danylak as the new Application Support Specialist in LCS. Please join us to welcome Taras to the library. I am sure Taras will be an excellent addition to our team.

Taras lives in 111B Scott Library and can be reached at Ext. 22796, or

Tuan Nguyen
Manager, Library Information Systems”

Libweb! The new place to report web site problems.

If you:

  • found a problem or a bug on our web site, such as a form not working
  • noticed some outdated or incorrect information but don’t know who should fix it
  • need a bit of a refresher on how the content management system works
  • have a new employee who needs to be shown how the content management system works
  • need something changed that isn’t part of the content management system
  • need help in doing something on the web site
  • want to get a blog or wiki set up

then the Libweb group can help you. E-mail

The Libweb group is your single point of contact for problems with and questions about our web site. When you send e-mail it gets forwarded to lcshelp, Stacey Mechefske, and me. It will be assigned a ticket number so you know it’s being tracked. lcshelp will handle the technical stuff, same as before. Stacey M. is now spending part of her time each week on keeping the web site fresh and she and I can help with updates. If something is out of date then we’ll find the right person to maintain it. You may be hearing from us because someone noticed one of your pages has gone a bit stale! I can help you use the CMS and discuss how a blog or wiki might help you.

As usual, keep on reporting any problems with databases and other electronic resources to Libweb is just for problems on our web sites.

All non-web problems still go directly to, same as before. If there’s a major problem, such as the OPAC crashing, then follow the usual procedures at

But for regular day-to-day problems and questions about our web sites, is the place to go.