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It’s coming to a room near you…


Every two years the OCUL Map Libraries join together for a two day event where the Map and GIS staff share ideas, experiences, and knowledge. On June 18th and 19th the York Libraries will welcome 19 participants from all over Ontario.

This year topics include:

* History of Interactive Mapping at Ryerson
* The Magic Spell of Maps Maps and E-STAT
* Horror (or Not) Stories About Collection Moves/Renovations/ Relocations
* I Like to Map-it, Map It!
* Metadata Cataloguing with Geospatial Metadata Explorer.

A field trip to the New Archives of Ontario is also planned. As usual, interesting, funny, and ridiculous questions and incidents in the Map Libraries will be shared and enjoyed by all. If you see someone wandering with a map or GPS unit, please extend a hearty York welcome. They’re not lost, just exploring!

Posted on behalf of Dana Craig and Mary McDowell.