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6www: Six Weeks of WordPress Workshops

These workshops about WordPress are open to everyone in the library system! Please consult with your department head about arranging your attendance, if necessary.

  1. Introduction to WordPress (Wednesday 22 February, 10:30 – noon, 531 Scott):
    All the basics about creating and editing pages. If you’re never used WordPress or another content management system before, or you have but want a refresher, this is for you.
  2. Introduction to WordPress (Thursday 1 March, 2 – 3:30 pm, Bronfman training room):
    Same as above, repeated. Come to either one (or both!).
    The session was recorded and is online. Note: audio cuts out midway for a few minutes, and then near the end.
  3. Intermediate WordPress (Wednesday 7 March, 2 – 4 pm, 531 Scott):
    Menus; widgets; the media library.
  4. Plugins (Thursday 15 March, 2 – 4 pm, Bronfman training room):
    Some examples; where to find them; what it’s like to configure them; what’s available and what you want; how to try them out. Speakers include: June Hill, Janet Howarth, Walter Giesbrecht.
    The session was recorded.
  5. Open session (Wednesday 21 March, 2 – 4 pm, SMIL screening room):
    Bring a question or a problem, easy or hard, basic or advanced, and we’ll try to answer it or figure it out. Nothing planned in advance. This is a good day for departmental admins to bring administrative problems.
  6. Google Analytics (Wednesday 28 March, 2 – 3:30 pm, Bronfman training room):
    How often is your site visited? By whom? Whence came they, and whither goest? Get to know Google’s very powerful web analytics system. (Contact Bill in advance to make sure you have access.)

Content Management with WordPress is our documentation about WordPress as our CMS.

Please tell Bill Denton <> if you’re going to come to a workshop. If you’ve never used our WordPress, first visit and log in there with your Passport York account. Then email Bill and tell him which department you’re in.

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