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Web > 5. Provide training, maintenance, and support

5. Provide training, maintenance, and support

5. Provide Training, Maintenance, and Support.

The Web Committee will manage training and support inside YUL for what is under its control and help refer people to the appropriate places for what is not.


1. Assess needs of YUL staff re: Training needs and opportunities

a. Create a list of opportunities

i. CMS *Priority

ii. Google collaborative tools

iii. Yahoo pipes

iv. RSS feeds (i.e. searches in VU find)

b. Survey department heads based on this list to determine what the staff may want/need to learn

2. Establish a goal for baseline skills for all staff

3. Workshop series

a. Based on the results of part 1 conduct a series of brownbag/afternoon workshops for staff

i. Potential Brownbag re: CMS training April 19

b. Depending on the topic, open up workshops to students

4. Documentation and online learning

a. Create and make available documentation to support areas where a workshop is not feasible or necessary

i. Documentation for CMS


1. Assess functionality of the current CMS

a. Solicit opinions from department heads

b. Consider alternative options

2. Clean up CMS

a. Steps already taken to encourage the updating of the Last Modified to reflect 2009

b. Consider purging older page


1. Set up and promote libweb ticketing system for the reporting and resolving of website issues

2. Develop a system for general feedback

a. Linked to Moodle or other access points?

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