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Web > Web Committee: Create an environment of ongoing assessment.

Web Committee: Create an environment of ongoing assessment.

2. Create an environment of ongoing assessment

Links and notes about this part of our planning.


Things we want to look at.

Standing user advisory group

Create standing user advisory group we can go to ask questions, get advice, get feedback, use for testing, etc.

Content management assessment

Lisa Sloniowski’s comments on the impossibility of editing or adding related links on subject guides after the subject and course guides were flattened out in summer 2008:

For your CMS assessment, here are some comments for your collective consideration, in no particular order:

1) due to the interdisciplinary nature of many of our researchers and courses, it is quite important to have a section where one can add related subject guides

2) there is also a need to be able to add links to relevant learning objects that are not subject guides — for instance I want to link my “19th century primary resources” page to Norda’s guide on “how to find/use primary sources” — and she might want to link to mine, and/or the history guide… who knows.

3) because the student portal links out to subject guides primarily, the subject guides become important gateways to our other help guides/tutorials, learning objects or whatever you want to call them. I’m in favour of the student portal not linking to too many things and deluging our student with too much stuff — however, I think it’s useful and reasonable for the subject guides to lead them down the rabbit hole if they want to learn more and dig deeper.

4) there’s also the issue of inconsistency in our guides now — older guides have the box with links to related research guides, newer ones will not. Not sure if that’s an issue or not as we seem to be moving away from a standard template for our guides, but perhaps worth discussing?

Web analytics

Use Google Analytics? Try CrazyEgg for a couple of months? Better use of StatPress or other ways of measuring blog readerships?


Find out just what Accessibility Services has for us to test the site with. Then test it and see where the problems are, and fix them.

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