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Web > Web Committee Notes, 17 November 2009

Web Committee Notes, 17 November 2009

Web Committee Notes, 17 November 2009

Present:: Sarah Coysh, William Denton (chair), Walter Giesbrecht, Angela Hamilton, Nisa Lawson (secretary), Aaron Lupton, Mark Robertson, Anna St. Onge, Louis St-Amour

Regrets: F. Tim Knight, Robert Thompson

The meeting began at 2 PM in 210 Scott Library.

This was the first meeting of the new iteration of the Web Committee. We began by introducing ourselves and saying a few words about what we did, why we were there, and what we wanted to get out of being on the Committee.

W Denton took notes on the blackboard as things arose in conversation, and N Lawson took notes on a laptop. Here is a combined list:

  • (TPL’s beta site, open to public, where they have up the new version of their web site)
  • open data, open API, SDK for people who want to reuse our stuff
  • ebooks: content, accessibility, promotion, searchability
  • ebooks readers (Sony, Kindle)
  • mobile interfaces, mobile access
  • Norda Majekodumni’s research into eResource/database accessibility
  • ownership of mobile devices among students?
  • AirYork/Passport York use on mobile devices – not easy to use
  • after hours reference: AskON does some, but it ends and doesn’t go all night
  • bar codes/QR codes to lead people from physical to virtual
  • Learning Commons
    • Virtual Learning Commons
    • YULearn: relates how?
    • online marketing/communications
    • technology training/classes? How to to make a web page.
  • information literacy
  • ISO standard for digital geospatial metadata
  • VuFind
    • index subject guides so they are findable
    • relate subject guides etc. to keywords
    • add GIS data (it’s in PDFs now)
  • digitization / Internet Archive
  • YorkSpace
  • archives and special collections
  • previews of books: Google Books, Open Library, Hathi Trust, Open Content Alliance
  • who is in charge of what on the home page and on the site?
  • making and creating content
  • new blogs: who’s in charge, who can add things, how can someone do it?
  • accessibility: JAWS the screen reader
  • usability
  • York Events: our events are in there, reuse calendars in other places
  • student portal
  • customization / personalization
  • seeing books checked out / customized subject guides
  • LibX
  • access to online resources without logging in to Passport York
  • promotion of services/tools to help online research
  • Google Scholar configuration
  • home page splash feature on easy remote access to eResources
  • subject guides: Sheril Hook’s work at UTM, LibGuides
  • Safari – are the books up to date? Some version-specific software guides are out of date
  • location awareness/GIS/GPS

W Denton was acclaimed as chair of the Committee.

ACTION: W Denton to pull together notes from this meeting and web-related actions from existing strategic action plans. This will be used for discussion at the next meeting and guide planning.

The meeting adjourned at 4:10 PM.

Photographic evidence

Notes from the blackboard:


Notes from the paper:

Notes from the paper

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