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Web > Web Committee Notes, 1 December 2009

Web Committee Notes, 1 December 2009

Web Committee Notes, 1 December 2009

Present: Sarah Coysh, Dana Craig, William Denton (chair), Walter Giesbrecht, Linda Hansen, F. Tim Knight, Aaron Lupton, Louis St-Amour, Anna St. Onge, Robert Thompson.

Regrets: Mark Robertson.

The meeting began at 3 PM in 310 Scott.

Notes from previous meeting

The notes from the 17 November 2009 were corrected to add Dana Craig and Linda Hansen as present. The notes from the 6 October 2009 meeting were approved.

Web-related news and updates

UserVoice Feedback button

Some interesting comments and suggestions have been coming in through our UserVoice feedback forum (and the beta catalogue interface forum). This may not be the system we want to use as a permanent way of adding a user-involving zone of engagement on our web site, but it’s proving to be a worthwhile experiment. W Denton monitors what people post, and has asked M Robertson, A Lupton, Ilo Maimets, and others for answers to post.

Home page schedule

We looked at the home page schedule. There will be a VuFind feature on the home page over the Christmas vacation and at the start of January. Christina Pringi is co-ordinating the scheduling, with Mark Robertson.

ACTION: W Denton to ask Mark Robertson and Christina Pringi to tell the Web Committee mailing list when a new home page feature is ready on www-dev the week before. (This is normally done on the Wednesday of the week before.)

ACTION: W Denton to investigate putting the special features into the Library News blog so the features are always available there and there is a permanent record of what we’ve done.

Business arising

VuFind update (S Coysh, R Thompson)

A call for people to test the new relevancy-ranked results on the iota development instance of VuFind will go out soon. W Denton called on all members of the committee to test three searches and compare the date-ranked and relevancy-ranked results.

Work on VuFind continues, such as refinements to how eResources are handled and how YorkSpace content is included. The list of priorities is being worked through.

There will be an open session for all YUL people on Monday 21 December at 2 PM in the SMIL screening room, to demonstrate what VuFind will look like in January when it’s public. The Information Literacy Committee is working on pedagogical support documentation and learning objects.

L St-Amour suggested some features to add:

  • Limit search to only available books.
  • Limit to just books.
  • Have a way to filter out reserves.

L St-Amour pointed out that on the public workstations, the default search in the search engine list at the top right-hand corner of Firefox is for WorldCat, and that this is not very useful to students who are, after all, inside a library and have just seen our home page. Google would be better. (This is an OpenSearch search. VuFind has an OpenSearch definition built into it, and anyone visiting our new catalogue will be able to add a quick search to their search engine list in Firefox or Internet Explorer.)

There was discussion about announcing the new catalogue. Suggestions: Draw up a standard response we can use when people ask why we made the change. Get liaison librarians to send out the link to faculty to give them some advance warning of the upcoming change.

ACTION: W Denton to confirm with Tuan Nguyen when the VuFind launch will be.

Leads in the Only Connect areas

W Denton thanked the five committee members who volunteered to be leads in the Only Connect areas:

  1. Walter Giesbrecht: Improve the user experience.
  2. Aaron Lupton: Create an environment of ongoing assessment.
  3. Anna St. Onge: Develop and enhance our online resources and services, and educate users about them.
  4. Tim Knight: Support mutual use and reuse of content and services by YUL and others.
  5. Angela Hamilton: Provide training, maintenance, and support.

W Denton distributed mind maps about three areas and discussion ensued:

ACTION: W Denton to take each of the five leads to lunch and discuss planning and projects.

ACTION: W Giesbrecht, A Lupton, A St. Onge, T Knight, and A Hamilton to each bring a plan to the January Web Commitee meeting for discussion.


The meeting was adjourned at 3:20 PM.

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