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Web > Web Committee Agenda, 05 January 2010

Web Committee Agenda, 05 January 2010

Agenda for 05 January 2010 Web Committee

2-4 PM, SMIL screening room. Please print your own copy of this agenda if you would like one at the meeting.

Welcome to 2010

This is the first York University Libraries committee meeting of the new decade, and therefore a cause for excitement and rejoicing.Consider where the web was in 1990: Tim Berners-Lee had the world’s first web server up around Christmas. Where was it in 2000? Where will it be in 2020?

Notes from previous meeting

Notes from 01 December 2009 to be approved,


VuFind will launch on the home page on Monday 04 January 2010. Review how it went, any problems reported, how it’s looking after one day, what will come next, etc.

Other web-related news and updates

All present are welcomed to tell the others about anything new that people in YUL are doing on the web, or that people around York or elsewhere are doing that’s relevant to us.


The leads in the five Only Connect areas will present their initial plans for future work.

  1. Walter Giesbrecht, “Improve the user experience.”
  2. Aaron Lupton, “Create an environment of ongoing assessment.”
  3. Anna St. Onge, “Develop and enhance our online resources and services, and educate users about them.”
  4. Tim Knight, “Support mutual use and reuse of content and services by YUL and others.”
  5. Angela Hamilton, “Provide training, maintenance, and support.”

Discussion to follow, with next steps to be determined.

New business

If there’s anything to be added to the agenda, please tell W Denton or bring it up at the start of the meeting.

For future meetings

What would people like to see in future meetings?

  • MULER demonstration?


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