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Web > Web Committee Notes, 06 July 2010

Web Committee Notes, 06 July 2010

Web Committee Notes, 06 July 2010

Present: Sarah Coysh, Dana Craig, William Denton, Walter Giesbrecht, Angela Hamilton, Louis St-Amour, Anna St. Onge

Guests: Audrey Chia, Stephanie King

Regrets: Linda Hansen, F. Tim Knight, Robert Thompson

Notes from previous meeting

Notes from 01 June 2010 were approved.

Business arising

  • Mobile site: W Denton hopes to have a demonstration mobile home page up soon.
  • W Denton will pull the Twitter link from the home page. We can’t actively promote new forms of communication until we have someone who can pay proper attention to them, and we don’t have that for Twitter.

    ACTION: W Denton to remove Twitter link from the home page.

  • ClickHeat now stores data for 90 days.
  • Subject guides and top eResources: S Coysh, co-chair of the group working on these, reported. One project is to identify the top eResources in subject areas, so that we can easily point users to the best places to do online research in an area. The group is preparing how this will work, and then subject librarians will do the actual selection. These top eResources will be available through RSS feeds that anyone can pull into any web page, including Moodle course sites. The second and larger project is to completely revamp how subject guides are done.

Including: subject guides (S Coysh), mobile interfaces (W Denton), VuFind development (R Thompson).

Other web-related news and updates

  • There was no Feedback activity over the last month. W Denton will clear out some of what is there to start fresh in the fall.
  • Upcoming home page features.
  • CMS review. A St-Onge, W Denton, and R Thompson met in June and discussed all the various aspects of the CMS review. A St-Onge and A Hamilton will arrange visits to talk to CMS users about what they like, don’t like, want, and need. LCS has set up <a href=””>Drupal</a> on alpha, and W Denton will be experimenting with it and <a href=”"”>WordPress</a>. There will be an open session for everyone to talk about the CMS review.

    ACTION: A St-One and A Hamilton to arrange CMS interviews.

LibQUAL+ planning

Mark Robertson led a discussion following on the LibQUAL+ workshop and discussion at previous meetings. He handed out three things: two charts of Most Common User Comments and Technology Concerns, and a draft of the action plan to do things about problems that were raised. A number of actions are already set for other LibQUAL+ problems, and the goal today was to decide what the Web Committee would do about web-related complaints.

Categories for the action plan:

  • What we heard.
  • What can we do about it?
  • Who is doing it?
  • When is it being done?
  • How will we know it’s successful?

We updated the VuFind-related list of problems. Everything has either been done (for example relevancy) or will be done soon (like the advanced search). So we are in very good shape there.

The subject guide work will handle the article problem, which was added to the list. The work here will deal with the problem as best we can, so we counted this as a project already underway.

We will skip the “online access” problem, because it was so many different small problem scattered around.

Website improvement: small number of problems about finding eResources, which we think are from profs. Room for education and instruction here, since now VuFind takes care of all of that nicely, and old habits lead to more problems than using the new system.

ACTION: A Lupton to find out if we could add a copyable permalink to the pop-up SFX page, so that after people have arrived there they would be able to copy and paste a link to it.

Usability testing and assessment of VuFind and the web site in general are planned for 2011.

Overall, the biggest web-related problems have either already been fixed or people are working on them now.

ACTION: M Robertson to distribute the final action plan when it is ready.

Stephanie King and Information Architecture

Special guest Stephanie King, who was here in May from the Faculty of Information on a practicum, presented her findings and recommendations.

Visualizations of the information architecture of the site:

Much discussion followed about all aspects of the web site and how his work can be put to good use. This will tie in with the CMS review and a new approach to subject guides.

S King also did a site map, and W Denton will get that in place.

ACTION: W Denton to put S King’s site map online.

Home page revisions (15 minutes, W Denton)

W Denton showed a beginning version of a revised home page. The tabbed search box (with Search, Find Articles, eResources, Reserves, and Need help?) was removed and replaced with two plain boxes, one with the basic search and one with the subject guide links that were in Find Articles. There was much discussion.

To do:

  • Add mention of reserves to “search for books, eResources, etc.”
  • Add database mention to “search for articles” blurb in lower half, since the subject guides are more than articles.
  • Get rid of autism example; make the default example a mix.
  • Get rid of “York” in “Find York library resources”
  • Remove second magnifying glass
  • Link to advanced search
  • Replace chat/IM/email sentence with link to Contact Us?
  • Make a proper web page for telephone reference, listing all the numbers.
  • Move course reserves up the list of options in the select list.
  • Remove ISBN from the select list, because it’s in the advanced search

After more discussion we wanted to try a version that still had a tabbed search box, but with different tabs, all about searching: Basic, Advanced, Reserves. There was some involved discussion about why we have the select list of search options in the basic search (Title, Author Keyword, etc.) when we have an advanced search. We have found through watching users that Title Keyword, for example, is a popular choice, and as an academic library many people felt very strongly that these options had to remain and could not be dropped from the basic search. L St-Amour suggested that perhaps replacing Articles with Advanced Search and pushing the articles/subject guides list down below was all that was necessary.

ACTION: W Denton to do up a version of the home page with Basic, Advanced, Reserves tabs.

The future of the Research Frontiers series

W Denton had sent around a document about the future of this series, and included his comments. No-one had anything to add, so he will go on to meet with the others working on the future of the revised series.

ACTION: W Denton to report back after the Research Frontiers meeting.


The meeting adjourned at 4:20 PM. The next meeting will be on Tuesday 03 August 2010, at 2 PM in the SMIL Screening Room.

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