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Web > Web Committee Notes, 06 Sep 2010

Web Committee Notes, 06 Sep 2010

Web Committee Notes, 06 September 2010

Present: Sarah Coysh, Catherine Davidson, William Denton (chair), Walter Giesbrecht, Angela Hamilton, Linda Hansen, F. Tim Knight, Aaron Lupton, Mark Robertson, Anna St. Onge, Robert Thompson

Notes from previous meeting

Notes from 06 July 2010 were approved.

Welcome back, Davidson

Catherine Davidson was welcomed back to the cheery environs of the Web Committee. She was on sabbatical the past year, working at Scholars Portal. Two major projects she had were the MINES survey and a pilot of a patron-driven eBrary acquisition model.

Business arising

Subject guides and eResource best bets

S Coysh gave an update on these two intimately related projects. Members of the Subject Guides Working Group will meet with Cynthia Archer soon to discuss options and funding for the subject guides application. The group is now working on a design for the guides. The law library has been looking at LibGuides and would be open to sharing costs. The eResource best bets work continues as well: MULER should be modified very soon so the controlled vocabulary terms can be applied by subject librarians to the best eResources; after which the best bets can be rolled out, perhaps later in September. They have put in for a Faculty of Information practicum student to help.

VuFind 3

VuFind 3 was launched on Tuesday 24 August. R Thompson has sent a list to the Library Management Committee a list of the changes made.

CMS review

☐ ACTION: A St-Onge, A Hamilton, and W Denton to talk to department heads, heavy CMS users, informed CMS non-users, and anyone else interested about what they like and dislike about the current CMS and what their web publishing needs are, for now and the future.

Site map

☐ ACTION: W Denton to get Stephanie King’s site map in place.

Other web-related news and updates

RefWorks 2.0

(Note that S Coysh is filling in as RefWorks maven while Adam Taves is on sabbatical.)

RefWorks 2.0 is available. It is not perfect, and among other things Write-N-Cite does not work with it. Most OCUL members are continuing to send users to RefWorks 1, but giving a link to RefWorks 2 once the user is logged in, if they want to move to it. We will do the same.

☐ ACTION: S Coysh to tell Scholars Portal to go ahead with this.

☐ ACTION: S Coysh to update our RefWorks page with news of version 2.

Feedback activity

There was a trivial amount of Feedback activity over the last month.

☐ ACTION: W Denton to clear out some of what is there to start fresh in the fall.

Upcoming home page special features

The upcoming home page features were reviewed. The Undergraduate Library Guide will be up for three weeks.

How to make nice tables

W Denton showed How to Make Nice Tables, which shows how to make striped and sortable tables.

☐ ACTION: A Hamilton and W Denton to investigate interest in more CMS workshops.

Improved library presence in Moodle

S Coysh has freshened and improved the library’s presence in Moodle, but we could not see her work, the box there having unexpectedly reverted to the old version.

☐ ACTION: S Coysh to send around a screenshot of the new box, when it is stable.

The library box in Moodle

☐ ACTION: W Denton to send W Giesbrecht a link to the documentation on how to get guides into the student-specific My Research Guides RSS feeds.

Home page revisions

The revised version of the home page went live on Wednesday 1 September. A list of all of the changes made was posted to Library News: New look for the library home page. Discussion ensued.

Useful File Access Service information was added and linked from the home page, replacing the old AcadLabs link.

New hours page

The new hours page went live earlier today. Maintaining it will be slightly more involved than the old way, but it is much more readable and it will be easier for people to find our various opening hours.

☐ ACTION: W Denton and M Robertson to discuss revisions to this page.

eResources from home page

While doing usability testing over the summer, W Denton was reminded of how unhelpful the eResources Login Succesful page, which is seen by users after they have followed the “Login to eResources from home” link on the homepage. A minority of remote users like to log in before beginning their research, instead of waiting to be prompted when they follow a link to a database or journal. We want them to be exposed to all of the rich array of choices on the home page, not the paltry offerings on this page. There are two options: improve this page, or send the users to the home page. We decided to send them to the home page.

☐ ACTION: W Denton to arrange for users to be redirected to the home page after logging in this way, with some sort of notification or indication that they have been logged in, so they know their state has changed.

New members needed: student and library staff representatives

Louis St-Amour’s term having expired, and Dana Craig having become a librarian and hence no longer eligible to fill the role of staff representative, two new members are needed.

☐ ACTION: W Denton to find new student and staff representatives.


The meeting adjourned at 3:15 PM. The next meeting will be on Tuesday 05 October 2010, at 2 PM in the SMIL Screening Room.

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