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Web > Web Committee Notes, 02 November 2010

Web Committee Notes, 02 November 2010

Web Committee Notes, 02 November 2010

The meeting was held in the SMIL Screening Room at 2 PM. 

Present: Sarah Coysh, Catherine Davidson, William Denton (chair), Walter Giesbrecht, Angela Hamilton, Linda Hansen, June Hill, F. Tim Knight, Anna St-Onge, Robert Thompson

Regrets: Aaron Lupton, Mark Robertson

We welcomed June Hill, the new representative from staff, to the committee.

Notes from previous meeting

Notes from 06 September 2010 were approved.

Business arising

W Denton gave up an update on the CMS review now in process. He, A St-Onge, and A Hamilton have talked to a number of people and have more yet to meet.

☐ ACTION: W Denton to talk to C Davidson about the content she manages and what she needs in a CMS.

☐ HELD OVER: W Denton to get Stephanie King’s site map up.

S Coysh reported that the option in RefWorks to use the new version 2 is now there.

☐ ACTION: S Coysh to update the RefWorks page with this information.

☐ ACTION: S Coysh to talk to Rob Finlayson about putting the library box back on the Moodle landing page.

☐ ACTION: W Denton to send around a reminder to department heads that they need to check their opening hours in Google Calendar.

☐ HELD OVER: W Denton to set up the improved eResource-from-home-login redirection to home page.

LibGuides and the eResource best bets:There was some discussion and review of these projects. C Davidson was particularly concerned that there was duplication of work happening. Having recently returned from a conference on assessment, she wanted to be clear on what need the eResource best bets projects was serving, where it should fall a a priority, and so on. S Coysh explained how the eResource best bets and LibGuides will work together and complement each other. A template has been sent off to Springshare to implement, and soon we will have a working LibGuides implementation to look at. LCS is working on the eResource best bets implementation. Beta versions of both will be shown as soon as possible.

Promoting and Marketing Library Events on the Web, by A St-Onge, has us well on our way to a guide to library promotions and marketing not just online but everywhere.

☐ ACTION: A St-Onge to review with M Robertson, with the aim of completing the guide and getting it into regular use by everyone in the library.

It was agreed that Chrome should be installed on public workstations. There may be a rollout of a new image for the public workstations at the end of the calendar year. The new release of LibX is scheduled to go out at that time as well. It does not completely work with VuFind, but there is nothing to be done about that until LibX 2.0 is out.

☐ ACTION: W Denton to ask Helium Tsui to add Chrome to the new public image.

W Denton gave an update about the York Open Data workshop that has been rescheduled to January.

Other web-related news and updates

There was almost no Feedback activity.

The list of upcoming home page features showed a paucity of future listings. Anyone with ideas should suggest them to Christina Pringi.

W Denton reviewed the recent changes to the home page to make the News more visible. There are now two Library News headline links in the block between the subject guides and the special feature box.


A Lupton was at a conference and not able to attend, but had sent around some reports from Google Analytics prior to the meeting.

☐  ACTION: W Denton and A Lupton to compare day-to-day usage of VuFind to the classic catalogue overall (not just landing pages).

Zotero workshop

Could Zotero be deployed campus-wide? Perhaps not easily, given that all public computers are locked down, and maintained by different groups. Users could carry it around with Portable Firefox on a USB key. Scholars Portal has no firm plans yet to make WebDAV storage space available OCUL-wide, so there is no enticement there that we can use when telling people about Zotero. On the other hand, Zotero Everwyhere was announced in October, and many good things are expected from the project.

When and where could a Zotero workshop be held? With whom? The Centre for the Support of Teaching does workshops through the year; S Coysh reports that ten to twelve people is considered good attendance. We would want to do one with faculty and grad students, with people who use Zotero in their daily work showing how they use it. Perhaps the February reading week would be a good time for this.

☐ ACTION: FT Knight to arrange a workshop.

☐ ACTION: W Denton to see if we can detect from user agents whether browsers have Zotero installed.

☐ ACTION: S Coysh to check with CST about January workshops.

☐ ACTION: FT Knight, J Hill and W Giesbrecht to set up a page about new technologies and betas, such as LibX, Zotero, other Firefox extensions, etc.

Mobile interface

There was some discussion about what should be on the first instance of our mobile site. C Davidson had distributed to the mailing list useful surveys of what other university and libraries are doing on their mobile sites, and what students most want, and we can use this to guide us.

It was agreed that VuFind’s mobile interface is usable as is in a beta mobile site, though it needs work before it is ready for a full launch.

☐ ACTION: W Denton to set up a test mobile web site.

Discussion forums (W Giesbrecht)

W Giesbrecht reviewed what we he’d found out about discussion forums. He has collected links on Delicious at The most useful is ForumMatrix, where one can compare applications feature by feature, or choose desired features one by one and see which applications meet the requirements.

The Library Student Advisory Group found interest from students in a place on the web where they could discuss research and library work. We talked about this. How might it work? What do they want in this place? What sort of approach to organized online discussion could it take? Do they want wiki-like editing features? What kind of monitoring would be necessary? Would people want to post anonymously or with a non-Passport York username? Could peer mentoring happen? Perhaps there would be areas for specific subjects of discussion: research issues, branch-specific, subject-specific, etc.

W Denton, S Coysh, and A Lupton are joining the Community Building Working Group (the others in it are Elizabeth Watson and students from the advisory group) next week to find out more. They will report back.


The next meeting will be on Tuesday 07 December 2010, at 2 PM in the SMIL Screening Room.

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