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Web > Web Committee Agenda, 17 January 2011 1

Web Committee Agenda, 17 January 2011 1

Web Committee Notes, 17 January 2010

The meeting was held in 503 Scott at 2 pm.

Present: Sarah Coysh, Catherine Davidson, William Denton (chair), Walter Giesbrect, Angela Hamilton, Linda Hansen, June Hill, Aaron Lupton, Mark Robertson, Anna St. Onge, Robert Thompson.

Notes from previous meeting

Notes from 07 November 2010 were approved.

Business arising

LibGuides and the eResource best bets, including the planned changes to the home page

S Coysh gave an update on how the LibGuides work is moving along. Things have slowed a bit but will pick up soon. Training and template-buildling will happen soon.

A Lupton and W Denton did usability testing on three mockups of how the home page could be updated to include the eResource best bets listings.

Mockup 1: “Articles and databases” tab added


Mockup 2: “Articles and more” tab added and subject guides moved to a tab

Mockup 3: Subject guides moved to a tab, Articles and Databases listed below where subject guides are now

The results of the testing were not completely conclusive: almost everyone preferred the last option we showed them, no matter what it was.

In the end it was decided that the simplest, easiest, and least upsetting option was to add a tab to the search box. It will be labelled “Articles and Databases.” More revisions can be examined in the summer, when LibGuides is ready and we know more about what we want to do with that.

ACTION: W Denton to change the home page to show how this will look.

Mobile interface

June Hill did a presentation about QR codes and how they are being used at Bronfman: QR Codes (Quick Response). They are on handouts (to take students to related web pages), on the doors of the group study rooms (linked to today’s Bronfman room bookings so students can check availability), and on the huge overhead display screen in the Marketplace on the ground floor of Schulich (linked to the Bronfman home page). People were very interested in these uses of QR codes and there was some discussion of how they could be used elsewhere.

ACTION: W Denton to prepare a QR code to be put on the door of the Graduate Student Reading Room, so students can look up the door code on their smartphones.

ACTION: W Denton to check if Google Analytics is in place on the meeting room booking system.

W Denton showed the results of the new, larger survey UIT did, where 1,000 students responded about mobile interfaces. The results are more or less the same as before: students are interested in searching the catalogue, finding hours, finding group study rooms, and finding available public workstations. W Denton will visit the Library Student Advisory Group tomorrow to follow up with them and get feedback in person.

Library Computing Plan

R Thompson reviewed three Web Committee-specific items in the upcoming computing plan: the CMS Review, mobile interfaces, and AODA accessibility compliance.


The meeting adjourned at 3:30 pm.

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