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Web > Web Committee Notes, 05 April 2011

Web Committee Notes, 05 April 2011

Web Committee Notes, 05 April 2011

The meeting was in the SMIL Screening Room.

Present: Sarah Coysh, Catherine Davidson, William Denton (chair), Walter Giesbrecht, Tonya Giuliani, Angela Hamilton, Linda Hansen, June Hill, Aaron Lupton, Klara Maidenberg, Mark Robertson, Robert Thompson.

Regrets: F Tim Knight.

Notes from previous meeting

Notes from 17 January 2011 were approved.

Business arising

HELD OVER: Site map (W Denton)

RefWorks page updates (S Coysh): The RefWorks changes at Scholars Portal have amounted to not much yet, just a link to the new interface, and there’s little further work happening, so there’s no need to change our pages.

HELD OVER: Library Betas and Other Neat Stuff (W Giesbrecht, J Hill, FT Knight): This will be moved into CampusGuides.

LibGuides/CampusGuides and the eResource best bets: A Lupton gave an update on how these are progressing. CampusGuides templates are under construction and will be tested soon. More updates next month.

Other web-related news and updates

Add This

Removing the Add This button bar, which is barely used. K Maidenberg pointed out it does give a way of emailing the URL of a page to a student at the reference desk, which can be useful. However, overall it serves no apparent use.

ACTION: W Denton to remove the bar. We will watch to see if anyone notices.

Home page: Check your account/Renew items

Consolidating “Check your account” and “Renew items” links, since VuFind does the latter very well: To be handled in usability testing, perhaps at the same time as the revised home page featuring CampusGuides is tested.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar ( now knows our journal holdings and is an all (almost)-in-one journal article search. EZProxy knows about it, and Find It @ York links show to remote users. There was general discussion about how this might be used. Every librarian who makes guides should know about it so they can use it in their online resources, but before doing more, S Coysh insisted, the Information Literacy Committee must be consulted.

ACTION: W Denton to email reference-l about the proxied Google Scholar.

ACTION: W Denton to consult with the ILC how this might be used.

Online fine payments

T Giuliani asked if it was possible to pay fines online through our web site. It is not, for us. It is possible in our SirsiDynix system, but for lack of demand and the fact that students can still access electronic resources even if their borrowing is blocked because of high fines, it’s never been a priority.

Content Management System

The Content Management System Review was tabled at the last Library Computing Committee meeting.There was general agreement that we should move to a new CMS, and the feeling was that WordPress would be preferable to Drupal. The CMS will be part of scheduling and priorities discussions at the next LCC.

ACTION: W Denton to send around draft CMS requirements list

Mobile interface

The Mobile Strategies and Applications Working Group met in March. W Denton and Tuan Nguyen attended. The big decision is that there will be a mobile-friendly York web site in August for the new school year.

At the Library Computing Committee meeting last week, T Nguyen presented a demonstration of his jQuery Mobile-based interface to VuFind. It will also be shown at Library Forum next week.

With this, and the mobile-friendly static web site already underway at, the library will be ready to have a mobile-friendly site ready for launch in the summer.


The next meeting will be on Tuesday 03 May 2011, at 2 PM in the SMIL Screening Room.

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