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Web > Web Committee Agenda, 01 Nov 2011

Web Committee Agenda, 01 Nov 2011

The meeting will start at 2 pm in the SMIL Screening Room.

New committee membership


Notes from previous meeting

Notes from 07 June 2011 to be approved.

Business arising

CMS Migration update

See also the CMS Migration Steering Committee page.

How to look at pages in the test WordPress instance: take a URL like and replace the www with www-dev, to get Note the redirection that takes place and the new URL you get.

Upcoming York header change

This email went out in July:

The York University home page will have a new look as of August 8th, 2011 as part of Phase 1 of our website initiative. The top of the home page refresh will impact your websites and will require some effort within your department or Faculty to ensure your website(s) adopts the new internal or external top global navigation bars (depending on where your site is situated) in order to create a seamless user experience.

External Global Navigation Bar: Replacement of the external top global navigation banner will be coordinated with the major units that are currently using the external York web page template to launch on the same date as the launch of the refreshed home page. These units will be contacted in mid-July and a copy of the new banner code will be available by July 25 so that units can test the code with their existing pages prior to the launch date.

Internal Global Navigation Bar: To facilitate the changeover of the internal top global navigation banner, UIT will be updating the central copies of the internal banner files on the same date as the launch of the refreshed home page. Sites that reference these central files should have the banner seamlessly updated on launch date. However, if your site has local copies of the banner files, please consult this page: on July 25 for more information.

Please contact if you have any concerns regarding the banner update, or encounter any issues post-launch.

Discovery Service Assessment Project

Updates, news, demonstrations

New projects, web news, or other things everyone should know about.

  • Basecamp: Demonstration of the web-based agile project management tool that the CMS Migration Steering Committee is using.

Other business


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